Thursday, April 25, 2013

So What Goes Into an A2A Aircraft Develop?

FSX. So what goes into an A2A Simulations aircraft development...evidently, quite a lot! The developer has posted a very interesting picture of a real life research flight for their upcoming Cessna 172. The test flight was to measure drag forces and response - this was test flight number 4. Take a look at the real life test flight photo inside.

Real life Cessna 172 research flight to measure drag forces and response:

Very interesting, great to see this level of dedication put into FSX aircraft development! Obviously one the reasons that A2A Simulations is considered one of the best...

Visit the developers Facebook page - click here

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Anonymous said...

Very very professional team. This is professional preperation developing an addon from scratch.

Since "accusim" came alive, this developer has won my trust. That package of innovation and never befor expirienced simulation details is amazing.

That products makes also real world technicans or pilots happy as useful training platforms.


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