Monday, April 29, 2013

Gilgit... it's in Pakistan.

FSX. Here comes yet another airport in the Northern Middle East Asian region. So far the surrounding mesh and terrain look quite good and offers another exciting and challenging approach. Don't know how the airport itself will look in FSX given the recent release of the Karachi remake... but so far, looks quite good! See for yourself!

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Anonymous said...

Any info on who the developer is, possible links to their site?

DAndre Newman said...

Sorry! Corrected.

Anonymous said...

very impressive for FS9

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, thank you. It looks most impressive so far!

Anonymous said...

Gilgit and Skardu are 2 of the most interesting airports in Pakistan. I'll definitely purchase if they decide to make them for FSX.

Anonymous said...

Then you'll be buying it as it is for fsx..

The big bold blue ''FSX'', the very 1st 3 letters at the start of the sentance could be a massive clue.. :-O

Anonymous said...

LOL... Big massive LOL..

Anonymous said...

I guess I should've said "Native FSX". The problem with MSK sceneries are that they're all FS9 ports, and not very good ones to say the least.

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