Monday, April 29, 2013

Majestic Dash Q400 : video selection

FSX. The Bombardier 8 Dash 400 designed by Majestic Software (we still know very few about them / how many developers, from where ?), is becoming a large popular success. We are now starting to select for you the best possible tutorials and displays videos.

A "must watch" is this tutorial of Flight plan from Ronald (a 11 minutes footage) :
On how to taxi on single engine (which is standard operation on many airlines):
On very short landing :
A complete German material in 2 parts. Very detailed. Despite the language, a quite clear
tutorial with the mouse:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Airdailyx is now looking for a very good video covering the FMC descent operations (TOD, VNAV and final approach).

* * * * *

One of the key component of the Dash is the CL, the Condition Levers, that will allow you to adjust different speeds, from taxi, to take off and final approach.
These videos above are not totally explaining the different status of the CL. The sample flight from the official Majestic documentation, neither.
On cold and Dark, the Power levers are on DISC position, the Conditions levers (on the blue rectangle) are on fuel off. Then the engine two (number 2) is put on Start and  Feather position (with engine 2 starting up procedure on the overhead).
You can taxi on the sole engine 2. But in order to do that, you will need some extra power by pushing the Condition lever n°2 to "'Min 850". The power lever is pushed to Flight Idle. While taxiing to the runway, you can now start engine n°1 (left) on the overhead. But you need to push now the Condition Levers left (Engine n°1) on Start - Feather position.  
The black Control lock (in green here) must be set on (pull on) until the aircraft is lined up and ready for take-off.
Another point, very badly explained, is the DTO key in the FMC (blue circle here). Once you have entered your flight plan, using the airways, deleting the "no link" lines (except the last one before the STAR), you will want to click DTO to link the first waypoint. Otherwise, you will not see the flight plan properly on the ND, navigational display... By activating the DTO on your first waypoint, you can see your flight plan path and the weather or ground radar.
We will try to post more of these explanations ASAP ! Good luck !
Airdailyx, April 29th 2013



Anonymous said...

There is a definite learning curve with this aircraft! I finally got around to giving this bird a try yesterday morning after having watched one of the recommended U2B videos listed above. I was actually able to get all of the annuciator warning lights to extinguish before takeoff (KGVT RWY 17 btw). Was able to takeoff and stay airborne and buzz east Texas for a little while, but I must say that my landing back at KGVT was shamefully bobo. It was soooo bad, Majestic has even coded the PF and PNF to brace for what it thinks will be a crash landing --- eeek! I'll definitely work on my skills for the airplane but it's no doubt an immersive add-on!!

Anonymous said...

The best videos is this done by an IRL FO on the Q400, it's in Polish but you'll understand the English abriviations, he's doing a series of Type Rating videos, at least watch the first half hour you'll learn allot!

Anonymous said...

There is another german video tutorial on youtube. This one has 6 parts and can be found here:

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