Tuesday, April 30, 2013

AirDailyX First Look - TropicalSim Graciosa!

FS9/FSX/P3D. Now for our first look at TropicalSim Graciosa (LPGR). This release includes not only the airport, but photoscenery surrounding the airport, reworked coastlines, terrain mesh, and custom landclass/roads covering the entire island. So my first impression...I like this scenery and think it provides great value for the price tag. Further, I am impressed with the developer’s customer service. See inside for some initial impressions and screenshots.

Note: I have not tested the FS2004 version, all screenshots and observations are from FSX.

Let me start out by saying that the reason I am so impressed with the developer’s customer service is because they have already updated the product based on feedback from the original release. In fact, some of our reader’s expressed concerns regarding the ground poly and this has been corrected. I am always thrilled to see a developer take customer feedback so seriously!

Now, let’s take a closer look at the scenery. 

The actual airport rendition is quite nice. Keep in mind that Graciosa is a very small airport with few buildings so I have not included a ton of airfield captures. The terminal is modeled well and looks good. There is ground clutter directly in front of the terminal building that further adds to the feeling of realism. Ground poly quality is very good although I might have preferred a more worn look. As always, I would love to see volumetric grass included but this omission does not detract from the scenery.

There is photoscenery surrounding the airport and everything feels very realistic during final approach. Resolution is acceptable and about right for the price.

Performance is excellent and I experienced no problems with both simple and advanced aircraft. I did not experience any stutters or loading pauses and most should have no problem running this scenery. Great location for the Majestic Dash!

The entire island is covered with reworked coastlines, custom mesh, and landclass/roads. This is very thorough and even when flying low over terrain everything looks good. The island is not particularly large but it does feel complete from one end to the other. There is plenty of autogen with villages and forested areas clearly depicted

Night lighting is sparse although I assume this to be similar to the actual airport.

Anyways, instead of writing an essay I will try to let the screenshots do the talking. Overall, you get a nicely rendered airport and custom island for a very reasonable price. The package feels complete as it should. I would wholeheartedly recommend this scenery to any TropicalSim fans or anyone who wants something a little off the beaten path.

Now, some screenshots:

The scenery is available at simMarket, to learn more about TropicalSim, visit the developers website - click here

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