Monday, April 29, 2013

Another FS Global Real Weather Update

FSX/P3D. FS Global Real Weather has released yet another update - good on these guys for continuing to update their product so regularly! The latest update (Build 35) includes network support, improvements to the interpretation algorithms of weather data, improved weather transfer, and more. See the change log inside.

The change log as posted on the developers Facebook page:
.) Network support via WideFS/SimConnect
.) Improvement of the interpretation algorithms of weather data sources leading to much better weather depiction for certain weather conditions.
.) Bugfixes in the flight plan importer (decimal place shifts were fixed)
.) Improvements in weather transfer to minimize problems with microstutters.

See the developers Facebook page for more information - click here

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Anonymous said...

It would be great if you guys could load up some REX textures and then do a comparison of:

FS Global Real Weather / OpusFSX / AS2012 SP2

You have a lot of great scenery and plane reviews, so I think this comparison would compliment that very well ;-)

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