Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Black Box Airbus 330 V0.65 Update...

FSX/P3D. In an attempt to avoid controversy regarding the multiple recent Black Box product updates, I will keep this short and sweet... Version V0.65 of the Airbus 330 X-treme Prologue has been released. More inside.

The developer describes the V0.65 change log as follows:
SAME AS 320 apart from some small graphical fixes in VC

Accordingly, here is the recent A320 change log:
*320 cfm nose wheel steering, wrong display variable - FIXED
*all models, Aileron and spoiler flutter - FIXED
*Pid controller logic - MODIFIED
*Lower ecam no draw when pause - FIXED
*User requested option to install FSUIPC or not - ADDED
*Widescreen or Standard res Panels option - ADDED
See the developers Facebook page - click here


Anonymous said...

This is proving to be one of the best and realistic aircraft around at the moment. Sheer pleasure with every flight! Thanks Air Daily, you keep me posted at all times!

Magic Aviation said...

Welcome to 2005, when FS2004 was really good!

Waiting Aerosoft A330, the realistic and good Airbus.

Anonymous said...

Do you have this product or is this only your opinion you developed by some screenshots?

Ed Farley said...

Blackbox 330 is very good. It is better than many planes out there. It is way better than anything we flew in 2005. Set it up and fly it before you complain. They are working very hard to give us a quality jet. The past is the past.


ALX WNT said...

I dont understand the hate against BBox... Yes, the virtual cockpit looks kinda 'old' compared to Aerosoft, however it's better than SMS, better than AFS, better than any other developed airbus except Aerosoft.. So, why you hate that much ? This cant be coinsidence or there are lot of aerosoft fanboys trolling here.


Anonymous said...

I think the site's regular updates are a service to the community. But I do have trouble determining the pros and cons of the available Bus'. It appears those who have purchased them think the Asoft product has great visuals but a poor flight model, and the Bbus product is somewhat the opposite?

Anonymous said...

Because of BBS history as PSS? Once bitten twice shy.

They have not even completed A320 prologue (FSLabs will wipe any business case for them, AS is in a different mid range market.) and now they are trying to grab A330 Prologue Money before other developers release quality A330. The more people who buy the A330 Prologue, the less motivation they have to finish it and that's the truth.

Anonymous said...

Right now, AS Bus is a little buggy but its visuals surpass BBS by a thousand miles.

BBS Systems is on par with AS systems (My opinion).

If you are worried about buying AS bus because of bugs, the SP1 Update Planned will fix all those bugs and add some much needed VNAV functionality. So I suggest you wait till then to decide which bus to decide on.

Ed Farley said...

At the moment, it gets down to what we can fly well. FSLabs will probably be wonderful. But that is just speculation because I haven't seen it in action. AS is good but the descent profile needs improvement. I am confident they will fix it. They just said we will not have a 330 until 2014. I do not think Blackbox is trying to grab the "A330 Prologue Money".


Martin said...

Nobody hates BB. The sad fact is their release falls in the shadow of the Q400. Everybody will compare. And BB product falls very short in the visuals. For me that's the braking point and a no go for purchase.

Anonymous said...

+2 concur with Martin's comment and assessment.

Mind you, I have BBS Prolo A320 But primarily for the A318/A319. What I like is how the turbines are animated (A1) for me in this category, but I'm troubled by the gear portrayal. This Does nothing for me in the likes of the actual Buses. Hopefully they can improve upon that.

Still though, I echo what others have said, that is, it does compare well against ABX visuals. But that was not the reason I purchased it.

If they could really focus on the A318 and A319 as their anchor, I think that they could have a solid product.

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