Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Orbx Broome (YBRM) Imminent....?

FSX/P3D. Well, Orbx has placed Broome International Airport (YBRM) on the front page of their website which usually means release is imminent. Looking forward to this one, looks fantastic! Broome developer Jarrad Marshall has done some fantastic work in the past, including one my personal favourites, Spokane Felts (KSFF). See some official project shots inside.


See the developers product page - click here


Anonymous said... this is looking like the Orbx we've come to know...great work

Anonymous said...

looks fantastic, it really does, but what does it mean to the average user (with a high-end OC'd machine like me) ? will it look like that during flight ? will I be able to fly around the airport without blurry textures surrounding me ?

Based upon past experiences - Highly doubt it.


Anonymous said...

You can avoid blurries long as you set the LOD RADIUS to a high value. Broome isn't a big airport so there shouldn't be any FPS problems with high-spec rigs, unlike their Brisbane and Melbourne sceneries.

Anonymous said...

Now THIS is the old Orbx we were used to!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I've been bagging ORBX for charging $30 for a strip of grass but this is the ORBX I know as well. And I've been to Broome a few times and this look great. I'll be buying it.

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