Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Black Box A319/A320 Prologue V0.75 Released

FSX/P3D. Black Box Simulation has released version update V0.75 to their Airbus 319/320 X-treme Prologue series. The latest update includes several additions and fixes to various aspects of the aircraft. Existing customers will receive the update via email. See the change log inside...

The change log as posted on the developers Facebook page:
*320 cfm nose wheel steering, wrong display variable - FIXED
*all models, Aileron and spoiler flutter - FIXED
*Pid controller logic - MODIFIED
*Lower ecam no draw when pause - FIXED
*User requested option to install FSUIPC or not - ADDED
*Widescreen or Standard res Panels option - ADDED
*Panel Key shortcuts changed to allow MCDU etc quick access
*Analogue toe brakes not working when mapped via FSUIPC - FIXED
*Flight dynamics reworked
*Rudder authority increased
*Smoother AP ROll & Pitch
*Time and distance to Altitude Climb rates corrected
*Time and distance to Altitude Descent rates corrected
*Cruise Fuel burn & Range corrected
*Unwanted Autopilot disconnects - fixed
*Contact Points & Gear - reworked .. Better "lower" stance on ground
*Stopping distances (Autobrake and reverse) checked

See the developers Facebook page - click here


Rustam said...

Well... No comments! Except this - FUNNY!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Nice one guys

Anonymous said...

So, how good is this compared to AXE?
Or is it better to sit it out and wait for FSL?


Anonymous said...

Bbs should start paying you guys.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna let BBS and AXE fight this one out - and wait for FSL. Shouldn't be too much longer I'd imagine and will hopefully put an end to all this nonsense.

Marvic Jonson said...

Thanks for your "OPINION". It will all come down too how long people are willing to wait. But in the moment, Black Box are the only developer to have the A319 (not including the JF Lite version). So I say, when FSL & Aerosoft finishes their versions, then we can compare. Otherwise it is pure speculation.

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