Saturday, April 27, 2013

Imagine Simulation Lower Prices

FS9/FSX. Imagine Simulation has announced lower prices for six older releases. These releases have now been classified as "legacy" products and are available for $15 (USD) or equivalent. See inside for the official statement and a list of current "legacy" products.

The statement as posted on the developers website:
Six more of our older airports have been moved into our 'Legacy Product' branding and are now available for US$15 or equivalent. Click on 'airports' above for further details.

Here is updated list of current "legacy" products:


Visit the developers website - click here


Anonymous said...

That's actually a nice gesture--too many developers leave their products at full price for...well...ever. They're not obliged, of course, so one does appreciate it when it happens.

Anonymous said...

Copying Orbx's lead I guess... Virtava and Alphasim are companies that REALLY should drop prices, and REX, and Aerosoft.... and A2A etc

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