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Drzewiecki Design EPKK: Our impression

FS 2004. I am honestly excited to finally share what I consider to be not only the highest detailed airport ever to be released for FS2004, but also my favorite airport release of 2011. I won’t so much as call this a review or hot test. We’ll just say it’s my extensive impression.

Now on a detail scale, EPKK truly holds its own in the FSX world and contains all the fascinating eye candy features I expect from an FSX product. With high quality developers pushing harder and harder to deliver a more realistic flight simulation environment, with the advent of the EPKK scenery,  Drzewiecki Designin my opinion, now truly stand among the elite of flight sim developers.

Ultimately, it’s the continuous attention to detail in this scenery that purely amaze me. Even the areas where most users are most likely not to venture into, is still represented in a high level of detail.

First I’d like to focus on the most obvious and popular part of this scenery: the main terminal and apron area.

I was one of the many hopeful simmers who had been following the Bruk EPKK for years. My thoughts on the screenshots from the Bruk website left me feeling that the level of detail was very good. I would check his site daily hoping for another glimpse until the updates just seemed to stop. You can imagine my shock and end to my disappointment when Drzewiecki Design announced the project with the first screenshots.
This appeared to be several times better in quality then the Bruk version I had been waiting so long for. The day I had the scenery in my hands, I realized the scenery was a thousand times better than I could have ever imagined. It’s been a long time since a developer has chosen to put this level of detail and quality into a FS9 product. This is a level of detail I always expect from my FSX counterparts like Orbix, Fly Tampa, FSDT, and now LH Simulations, etc.

For those who may be on the fence about purchasing this product, I hope my impressions of this scenery will give you the inspiration to break down and get it. Even if you don’t fly to Poland in FS or have never been to this airport in the real world, how can you honestly say no to this level of detail?

Now my next impression is one thing so many developers just seem to get wrong. That’s right. Static aircraft. This is static aircraft done right. Another scenery of mine that I can note has good static aircraft is in Gary’s UK2000 EGLC scenery. Normally I opt to remove statics as I use full AI in my simulators. EPKK is definitely a scenery where I am happy to let the lazy statics stay.




My next thought of EPKK is one that Drzewiecki Design is well known for: The trees! This is scenery that doesn’t disappoint. And I really love trees in my simulations. Not only did Drzewiecki manage to add so many beautiful trees in this scenery, it’s the several and varied species of trees I found in this product that thoroughly impressed me. It really gives the feeling of being there without being there and I’ve never been there. The seasonal changes are right on the mark as well. Very well done.

 Note how the overgrown tree protrudes through the fence. Very realistic. This is a portion of the scenery I usually wouldn’t expect most simmers to stroll into but clearly the developer put it there anyway. I see this as a developer clearly taking strong passion and pride in his work.

Here are the winter appearances.


This next screenshot is one I really love. The detail here honestly speaks for itself.

This shot is from an angle most wouldn’t bother to look. No lack of detail here.  And those trees... Those trees!!

Even the side alley was very well represented. I really love the architecture of the main terminal area. It appears like an old building yet it feels very modern. I feel the same way about the fire station and control tower. Old, yet new. Am I complimenting the architects or the scenery developer? I don’t know!!


This last part is an area just outside the airport. I included it here because again, it’s an area us sim pilots are not likely to see because it’s well hidden behind all those trees. You won’t see this area unless you slew around it or fly over it in say a glider or helicopter. So here are some good angles to note the very high detail of an area you may not be likely see while running your sorties...


Now what I don’t like:
First, there appears to be a major terrain issue just short of the runway 25 approach that needs to be fixed. This forces me to approach 07 to avoid seeing this “disaster area”.
Second, the roads and bridges running around the airport was done with so much detail, it’s honestly a shame to not see traffic moving about it. I hope a future update will see these changes.

In closing, I’d like to tip my hat to Mr. Stanislaw for a job well done. I am very much looking forward to the next project from Drzewiecki Design. With the added AES to this airport, it is very much a favorite in my collection. For my next flight, I am thinking EPKK to LHPP via LOWI.

Good Night!

Reviewed by D'Andre.

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Absolutely amazing detail. Polish airports. Bornholm. They are getting better and better.

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