Thursday, February 2, 2012

Aerosoft launches ASN. Uh… What?

Today Aerosoft has launched ASN, short for Aerosoft Sim News. This is a new page in which Aerosoft will keep their readers up to date with developments in the community including products developed/published from competing companies be it freeware or payware.  Hmm… now I wonder where they got this idea...

My question: how is announcing competing products (i.e. FSDT GSX) on their site push their bottom line? I do recall a topic on the Aerosoft forum asking members NOT to post about competing companies products. The only news I would expect from them is what they either are working on internally or publishing. The interesting fact that they will announce products from competitors just doesn't seem to make sense. It seems a little oxymoronic. I am a big fan of Aerosoft for many years and find them to be a wonderful if not one of the very best resources in the FS community.
Think about it. If you were an external developer, bringing your product to a publisher, would you be okay with that publisher announcing products from a competitor? Maybe some stronger moderation should be used there. Perhaps I am thinking this too hard. But hey, if Aerosoft announcing products from other developers gets more word out and products sold in the community, then I'm all for it. For example, ASN has posted about a patch update regarding KBVS Skagit from Orbix. To my knowledge, Aerosoft does not publish for Orbix. But if the announcement brings new attention to Orbix which drives more sales for Orbix. Well... Great for Orbix!
Either way, it's nice of Aerosoft to create such a resource to better inform their customer bases about what is out there.
You can find the ASN page here and see for yourself what it's all about:


Anonymous said...

don't stress yourself. its all good. Angelique can be considered neutral she was in avsim as a reviewer, hopefully she will continue to be with aerosoft. airdailyx still is an important site for fs news and will continue to be.

newmanix said...

Honestly, I think the service is nice as it covers articles across a wide spectrum even out of the FS domain. I am just wondering if they really should have used the Aerosoft name for the sake of their external developers.. I did read some of the articles. It's not bad.


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