Saturday, December 21, 2013

RAZBAM SA227-BC Metroliner III released!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. The much-anticipated RAZBAM Metro has been released into the wild. If you're into screaming Garretts, here's your chance to get your fix....I know I've been looking forward to setting "speeds high" in this bird. Lots of liveries to get you started, including passenger and freighter versions with separate load managers to sort things out.  Not much more to say about this rig that hasn't been said...just go buy it already. And I know, a bit late on this....hey, we have jobs and stuff, too.

Get it here now:


PropDamage said...

Too pricey for my pocket but I do wish them well with it.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know if the gps is updatable with navdata?

Todd said...

No, it doesn't. It does take FSX flightplans, however, so if you use a flight planning utility like SimBrief, which utilizes updated navdata, technically you can get an "updated" FSX flightplan.


JJ said...

It's fantastic! Thank you! Can't wait for the 120!

cowpatz said...

A real shame the nav data is not able to be updated. To go to all that trouble of producing a superb model and then hamstring it with "toy" data.

Denzel said...

Fifty bucks LoL No WAY!

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