Thursday, December 19, 2013

Russ White Introduces Stunning PAEN Kenai Municipal!
FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Well this is one heck of a surprise! Russ White, known for his incredibly detailed high-quality scenery, has just posted tons of screenshots introducing Orbx's PAEN Kenai Municipal Airport. PAEN will compliment PAJN Juneau International as the second medium sized Orbx airport for the FTX SAK region, and with the arrival of PAEN Kenai Municipal Airport, the southern Alaskan region will have two substantial bases.

And to top it all, PAEN Kenai is now complete and in final testing, Russ says that we can expect to see it in a matter of days!

Russ explains that the scenery has been carefully crafted using onsite photography of every building, thanks to photos specifically taken for this project by Kenai residents Evan and Jessica Veal. Airport buildings and nearby businesses have all been faithfully recreated, with the industrial, office and retail precincts around the airport containing all custom modeled buildings and cars. The night lighting comes courtesy of the new FTX Global lighting system, as it provides superior visuals and performance.

The area surrounding the airport has vast photo-real coverage, including miles of coast and river estuary, expansive forests and wetlands, industrial and residential areas. PAEN Kenai Municipal Airport also features new high density, high fps grass system as seen at Juneau, along with a special control panel option for DirectX 10 users. 

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Todd said...

Another fine product from Russ White.

Razbam Metro release is imminent by the way.


Sid said...

Amazing work by Russ, as always...never disappoints does he?! Just look at those beaches and river estuaries! Magnificent!!! Will this be P3D v2-ready by any chance yet?

DAndre Newman said...

Russ White baby!!!!!!!!!! Whoever the photographer was on this project must be a really talented guy!! ...or gal...

Unknown said...

This + Aerosoft's Anchorage X + Carenado's yet-to-be-released B1900D (Era Aviation) = hours and hours of fun!! Can't wait! As always, this will be another incredible release from Russ!

Sid said...

Yes, she and he certainly are. Well done Jessica and Evan for the great work in helping create this stunning scenery! Credit deserved indeed!

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