Thursday, December 19, 2013

Update From Airline2Sim!

[FS Training Utilities] It's been quite a while since we have had an update from the A2S guys. Many of you have followed our live Twitch events showing off this amazing program and thus far, community feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! So when exactly is release anyway? What can we expect from the cadet program? Ben and Ron spills the beans and give us all the details. And yes, release is soon!

*2014 Roadmap Update*
Cadets, thanks for being so patient while we’ve been busy working away on our Q400 Cadet Training program.

Why so long?

Good question! The answer is one of mission creep. Initially we planned to use a real Q400 pilot simply to show us around the flight deck and take us on a short flight and that would have been that. After spending some time looking at the capabilties of the Majestic Q400, we quickly realised that a couple of hours of basic instruction would make a mockery of what is arguably the most realistically and fully simulated add-on aircraft ever made for a flight simulator platform.

So, under the guidance of our real-world Q400 pilot, we set out to build a training course that mirrored where possible the journey of a real rookie Q400 pilot from classroom to line flight, but without boring viewers senseless with films about heat exchangers and gearboxes. The result is a kind of flight deck video mixed with an instructional tutorial, which we think is pretty unique. Not only will you be shown around the flight deck, you’ll go on a crew training flight and then go on three real-time line flights, all with highly realistic ATC, real airline employees playing the roles of cabin and ground crew and a full explanation of the real world flows, checklists and methods used in a day in the life of a Q400 pilot for a regional airline. By the end of the Cadet course alone you’ll know how to fly the Dash 8 in normal operations exactly the way it is taught to be flown by one of the biggest operators of the type in the world.

So, when’s it out? Well despite our best efforts, we’re not going to make it in time for a Christmas release. As much as I hoped you might be able to escape from the yearly visit from your Mother in Law or Great Aunt to sneak off and learn some cool stuff about the Majestic Dash 8 on your shiny new iPad, that isn’t going to happen. We became increasingly concerned about rushing things to get them finished and we weren’t satisfied with some of the results. Therefore we’ve decided to push release forward to January, to give us a bit more time to make sure everything is exactly as we want it to be. Enjoy Christmas, enjoy your family time and keep a few dollars/pounds/Euros of your Christmas money free for a release in January! We have a lot of exciting things planned for 2014, too, so stay tuned.


Ben and Ron
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Sid said...

This is just the kind of product I had hoped for so great insight and foresight by the team. Very professional approach to not rushing anything and taking their time to get the product just as they envisage and desire it to be. I will never criticise a company for that...ever! Instead, I thank them for wanting to do the BEST job they can!

My Q400 box, lies ready but unopened near the simulator. It is waiting happily for this Training tool for it to be opened and then I hope to learn to fly this gorgeous bird properly without having picked up any bad habits in advance. And the existence of this product is just the reason why I can do that. Happily and patiently waiting and will keep the reserve cash for release day 1, whenever that is. Please hold steady and don't rush A2S and I'm sure you'll have a lot of happy customers on release. All the very best of luck to this team! Thanks again for the update DAndre! Was only thinking about it the other day :-) Absolutely fantastic news!


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