Saturday, December 21, 2013

Orbx Vernonia (05S) released!
FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Just in time for some pre-Christmas weekend flying over the Oregon countryside, we have news for you that Misha's newest masterpiece, and his first to be published by Orbx, 05S Vernonia Municipal Airport, is now available!

The scenery includes the entire airport area and is modeled with meticulous detail. The airport is situated in a hilly region, features a runway just under 900 metres in length, and is bound to provide many challenging and fun approaches.

The coverage area extends south and also covers a bonus airstrip, 30OR Bero Field. Being surrounded by tall trees and hills on both approach paths to the short 366 metres runway, Bero Field is a must have for all STOL enthusiasts.

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Kostas said...

:)) .(REX4 Direct Released!!!)

Sean McFadden said...

I can't wait to fly around 05S Vernonia with FS Global Real Weather. And only REX4 Texture Direct is released, the additional rip-off products they call Weather Direct and Weather Architect aren't out yet.

Unknown said...

What? Nothing about PMGD in this? Seriously, this looks like a terrific scenery.

Martin Sutherland said...

Even after almost a month since P3Dv2 was released, Orbx still haven't managed to provide a functional P3Dv2 version of their libraries, not to mention new installers for their actual add-ons.

It's funny how all retail outlets have new iPhone accessories available long before any actual new iPhone arrives, and here we see a major simulation update released with add-on support limping behind. With John Venema having visited Lockheed Martin this year to speak to the P3Dv2 development team, I really am beginning to wonder why a more coordinated support structure that should have been in place in late November is still nowhere to be found. I would have expected Orbx and Lockheed Martin to work together much more closely to ensure an early, broad support, yet that support seems feeble at best. What's going on?

Flying Bob said...

Scenery was put into development long before P3Dv2 beta began, the ObjectFlow module is still being updated and encountered unforeseen problems which isn't too ridiculous considering the alterations to the core rendering engine that ObjectFlow plugs in to.

Popcorn Man said...

To all the P3D V 2 people, see this:

There's your answer!

Unknown said...

Really cool to see such a young developer making awesome scenery! I picked this up as I grew up in Oregon and like the area still. Keep up the great work!

PCAviator said...

Good job Mish.

John Venema, Orbx CEO said...

We announced a delay to P3Dv2 airports back on December 17th:

This is due to our dependency on a third-party developed DLL to control all our airport objects, something that worked in P3Dv1.4 but which LM severely broke in P3Dv2. We would be silly to release an installer for an airport which did not function correctly. We'll be releasing P3Dv2 installers as soon as this DLL has been coded and debugged. Thanks for your patience (and we don't need this being spammed for each ADX topic, thanks guys).

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