Saturday, December 21, 2013

Aerosoft Austria Professional HD - East Released!
FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Just in time for Christmas, Flugwerk Design's Austria Professional HD - East has been released through Aerosoft. Austria Professional HD - East is based on aerial imagery and promises a flying experience over Austria with incredible detail, unfortunately with summer textures only. The scenery features rivers, lakes, streets and railway lines, as well as landmarks such as castles, churches, transmitter towers and power plants for orientation.

The coverage area is as follows:

The scenery features include:

- Detailed elevation model at a geometrical resolution of about 5 m
- Custom textures based on aerial imagery at about 1 m/pixel
- Summer textures only, no seasonal textures
- Autogen vegetation and buildings for the entire scenery region
- All Austrian airfields are included in the aerial imagery
- Detailed airfields of LOXT Tulln and LOXZ Zeltweg included

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Sean McFadden said...

Over EUR 50 for half of Austria with no winter textures, you have got to be kidding!

Xander said...


Daniel Stykowski said...

To say that I'm disappointed about the exclusion of winter textures would be a total understatement. How short-sighted can a developer be?

Let me get this straight, if I leave an airport in Switzerland in winter with beautiful Switzerland X winter textures, as soon as I cross over into this region I will see summer textures, even when it's winter? LOL

Sid said...

It looks lovely...but I have to agree with Sean on this one...its no use to me if I'm going to purchase a high-end scenery to spend 50 EUR and not be able to at least have summer AND WINTER textures...This is Austria after all! As it is, and gorgeous as it looks, its just no use to me if there aren't Austrian winter textures too...I'd rather pay 70 Eur or so to have winter textures too...with winter textures it would be a totally different story and I could then use it as I want and I would then definitely buy it as it would then be a high-end product that I could see as COMPLETE and pay a little more for even. I can understand lower-end products making what I see as incomplete sceneries but not products that are going to cost a lot but at least be high-end . Obviously, there will be others for who just summer textures will be useful in half of alpine Austria for 50 EUR perhaps and they will no doubt love it as, to end on a positive, it does look very nice for a summer's daytime flight in the eastern Austria. Make winter and they'd have another customer in me!'ll have to be FTX Global/Vector/Open LC Europe unless Orbx did the magical and made beautiful alpine regions such as FTX Austria or FTX Switzerland. I wish them the best with it though :-)

Sid said...

Precisely my point. I don't understand the Myopia of this developer here either. It might not be easy but only makes sense to do it, charge a little more and enjoy the many more sales from the many who want to fly in summer and alpine winter. Baffles me too and I'm disappointed too as I really wanted a decent Austrian and other alpine sceneries. Oh well.

Fabian Baumgartner said...

So what next Aerosoft, Finland X - North, with winter textures only? :FacePalm:

Frederik Hagedorn said...

This looks stunning with the summer textures and for the lack of winter textures the developer surely qualifies for a special FS Developer Darwin award.

KLM737 said...

I have posted a similar opinion on the Aerosoft forums:

Unknown said...

I think the price should be for the entire country, as a compromise for no winter textures.

Unknown said...

One word everyone. MegasceneryEARTH. They will be releasing Austria (full content). i'm waiting for that. On time and on budget.

Manuel said...

+1 ... 50 € ... no night vector for night rendition ... no winter saison and 1/2 country ... I think some times, the developers, they take us for monkeys

Unknown said...

Will that have custom autogen? with MSE there's no autogen and that's a huge miss on immersion factor IMO.

Regulate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Regulate said...

I don't typically fly in Europe, and I can understand the concern about winter textures, but this work is stunning. The handplaced autogen alone, plus 5m mesh, blows megaearth away ( and I own a lot of mega products). I can't imagine the amount of work it took to create it. Yes, a little expensive for the size, but amazing work.

Unknown said...

I love it :)

Michael Kalff said...

I tried Austria Pro HD and must say - it looks and feels GREAT, it's the way best Mountain-VFR-scenery available so far. If You ever got to know what commercial licences for aireal shots do cost, 52 Euro for the scenery is a fair price: the developer has to sell a lot of copies, before getting back investment for the aireal photos, far from earning back the time invested.

The secenery is the most natural for VFR flying in mountanin areas, better then VFR France (Alpes, Les Vosges), which was the state of the art so far, and way more detailed than Switzerland Pro. When using UTE or the older ATX there ARE night lights, and with ATX there IS a satisfying winter scenery. Simply there are NO MORE details in winter, than in ATX, at least when speaking about the look and feel from real flying. What counts even more: the devoloper managed to organise the secnery extremely framerate-friendly (30fps locked, which I never have in VFR Germany or switzerland Pro) and memory-friendly... 2,1MB use of VAS only, that means NO OOMs, as I have after 20min of flying in VFR France Les Voges or when landing in Aerosoft Munich with VFR Germany Süd using a 737NGX.

For spring, summer, autumn and winter there is no alternative to Austria HD for natural VFR flying in Austria!

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