Monday, December 23, 2013

LH Simulations LHBP 1.2 Now Available!
FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Just in time for Christmas, LH Simulations have released v1.2 of their magnificent rendition of Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport. This is the long awaited update that brings full support for both Prepar3D v1.4 and Prepar3D v2. We also have good news for all of you that do not yet own a copy, LH Simulations are offering a 25% discount right now, meaning that instead of EUR 20 you can get this stunning scenery for only EUR 15, a total bargain!

These are the changes in the new version:

- Prepar3D v1.4 support
- Prepar3D v2.0 support
- Improved scenery configurator program (version 1.4)
- At uninstall the scenery will be excluded from scenery.cfg
- Activation problems in case of Windows Vista now solved
- Improved DLL for higher stability
- AFCAD file update (Airline codes, Cargo stands, 13L ILS freq.)
- Added two firetrucks front of the firestation (Thanks D’Andre)
- Few more trees around the firestation
- Season changing harmonized with FS default
- PAPI lights has been adjusted
- Road traffic added at T2 parking, M4 and M0 highway bridges
- Few more static cars in TESCO parking

LH Simulations advise to uninstall any existing installation of their scenery prior to installing this latest version.

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Unknown said...

Thank You - but I'm having trouble trying to download it. Starts to download and then stops.

Ryan said...

Thanks for the heads up Jerome.

Also wanted to let you know that QualityWings have released SP4 for their Avro/BAe collection

IFR7700 said...

These developers are awful at rolling out coordinated updates. I bought the RTM from SimMarket and they have no clue about v1.2. And excuse me if I don't give some Hungarian website my personal information to open an account.

That being said, LHBP is a great scenery and I'll happily wait till SimMarket gets their act together.

Kristian Holzhausen said...

More than likely not a developer rollout issue, but a Simmarket issue.

Some Hungarian website? The developer is Hungarian and so is their website or does that logic elude you?

Unknown said...

I still can't download it. It gets to about 100mbs and the download stops every time.

Unknown said...

Me to downloads halfway and stops.

Unknown said...

Hi guy's ,
Just now simarket update a new Version.

Pirx said...

This scenery is amazing. Big thanks for the quickly update.

Sweet Monkey said...

I get the same problem as well now for the past 3 days. Still can't get a full download. It drops at 100mb, 175mb, 248 bm. 137 mb, man I wished I waited for it to arrive at simmarket before purchasing it from the dev web store.

Flying Squirrel said...

@Sweet Monkey

I experienced no problems downloading the new version from their site. Have you tried an accelerator such as DownthemAll:

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