Monday, December 23, 2013

FS Global VECTOR Availability Update!
FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Many of you are probably wondering why Orbx's website is showing a SOON! for Fairoaks and Kenai airports and nothing yet for FS Global VECTOR. I've just received an update from Stefan at PILOT'S in Austria, the developers of FS Global Vector. At present it looks like PILOT'S will be wrapping up their side of development by December 26 at the very latest, with a planned web-download-release of FS Global Vector on December 27 through Orbx's usual eCommerce download channel.

So there you have it, if all goes well, then FS Global VECTOR will be available for purchase and download delivery through Orbx on December 27, with the boxed version to follow through PILOT'S normal webstore. 

For those of you reading about FS Global VECTOR for the first time, please note that FS Global VECTOR will be released in both download and boxed versions, with the download version being made available through Orbx's normal retail channel, and PILOT'S selling the boxed edition through their website.
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Unknown said...

Good update....been checking daily....

Unknown said...

been checking everyday here as well, cant wait till vectors and the landclass is completed for the u.s

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