Monday, December 23, 2013

Berlin Brandenburg update!

FSX/P3D. As we start Christmas and begin the wrap-up process for 2013, I would like to remind our readers that there is already a great and plenty to look forward to in 2014. One area is in the Mega Airports category with FSDT Houston, FlightBeam with Denver and an unannounced airport, FlyTampa with Toronto, Copenhagen, and Sydney, and of course, the 29Palms/LimeSim Berlin Brandenburg project! The guys have released another set of previews so check them out as we look forward to a new year! Of course, as always, AirDailyX will be here every day to keep you posted!

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Matt said...

Looks great. I would really like to see FS9 version :)

Unknown said...

Fs9 again ?? :\ nowadays, it's far fetched to ask for fs9 compatibility.. especially when developers use the latest p3d sdks... it's time to move on friend.

Sea Urchin said...

You forgot DD Warsaw Chopin

Matt said...

FS9 is still great, especially when one is flying the heavies between large airports on VATSIM :)

I've tried to play FSX with well known tweaks applied on my PC: Phenom II x4 - 4.0ghz, GF480 and 8gb of ddr2 memory and sadly it was a terrible experience.

Although I'm looking forward for further develompent of P3D :)


Sean C said...

i would too although the only reason - and I mean only reason I am sticking around with FS9 is because of FSNav. If someone can show me a program that has a similar autopilot function I will switch right now to P3D.

Andreas Woerner said...

Nice & funny...but what can I do with this scenery ?

There is not even the year anounced when this airport bringing service, but aviation authrities didn´t exect it before earliest in mid of 2015 - and, from my site of view, a very optimistic evaluation.

DAndre Newman said...

And several NY airports!!

brad said...

& 2 Heathrow Airports from Simwings & UK2000!!!

Matt said...

I believe that on the last screenshot we can see a part of Berlin Schonefeld airport EDDB.

Last available rendition of that airport in flightsim is from 2005 or even earlier.

Andrew said...

I think it is cool and rather satirically funny that the airport will be long since in service in the virtual world before its real world counterpart opens its doors... one of the biggest white elephants in recent German history...
Good on the team!

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