Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sim720 EGPE Inverness Released!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. The Sim720 guys are on a total roll! They have released 4 airports under their own name in the past months and AirDailyX is covering them all! Their forthcoming release: EGPE Inverness is making its way out of beta and will be released either today or tomorrow. Have a look at these shots and stay tuned! Also as a reminder, the team still has a few releases in the pipeline via Orbx. Stay tuned for updates on those as well.

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Sid said...

Sim 720 is on a roll?
You guys are on a bloody roll've all seem to have had your Weetabix this morning, haven't you!

Right...Fantastic news yet again...this is an airport I've been hoping for some time, and I'll be getting it...looks very good indeed! And I really want to get their Oban and Stornaway too in the new year :-)

Hmmm! Dare I leave and get on with the day's planned activities yet?! If there's nothing new when I click home...I should be free...yay! Lol!

DAndre Newman said...

HAHA! I know right! We have to be on our game in the next week. Lots of stuff will be either revealed or released in the coming days. And I will be very busy doing real world Christmas shopping and spending time with the fam so it's going to be all about time management!

Unknown said...

Its Released :)

Sid said...

Hahaha! Absolutely DAndre! No kidding. Its already started by the looks of all today's news...and I'm sure its about to go crazy with releases and what not over the next few days. You guys are doing a stellar job considering. Just chuck on what you can here and then go have that lovely Christmas you all deserve with those who matter most in your lives. You all deserve the holidays as much as any one. So thanks for all this great stuff so close to Christmas buddy. I'm sure there'll be communication ongoing for a couple of days yet but let me please take this opportunity to wish yourself, Jerome, Ian, Captain Hoffen, all the outstanding devs who've made 2013 a magnificent years and all the great simmer community out there a really Wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Not to understate this year too much...its been allright, hasn't it?! Lol! ;-)

Have a good one all!

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