Thursday, December 19, 2013

FlyTampa Vienna (LOWW) Now Updated To v2.5!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. FlyTampa is BACK! Whilst they continue progress on Sydney, Toronto, and Copenhagen, the team is also finding time between projects to upgrade their older products. We already saw a very nice and needed update to St. Maarten and Saba (please update St. Barts guys) and now Vienna is back with its second major update. You may remember the last update when the new terminal was complete. This airport scenery needed new life with LH Simulations' Budapest and Taxi2Gate's Bratislava so close by and FlyTampa has delivered. It feels brand new all over again! So of course you're wondering, what was changed, what was improved? Check it out here then go get it! Thanks to Manuel for the tipoff!

Vienna Version 2.5 (FSX & P3D2)

- Added Prepar3D V2 support
- Added custom Runway Lighting
- Updated Aerial/Grass-area Textures
- New higher-res ground detail Textures
- Added Volumetric Grass
- Added Option to color-match FTX-Global
- Improved Refinery smoke FX
- Added animated Apron Vehicles
- Added Tower Strobes
- Added Taxiway TL39/41 blue and orange
- Added IK Jetway Option
- Added wet ground FX
- Added ground oil FX
- Added Floodlight FX
- Improved FSX DX10 compatibility (Steve's DX10 Fixer Required)

- To update Vienna for FSX, download the Update below. ... ate_25.exe

- To install into Prepar3D V2, a new full Installer is required. To get this, send us an email with your name (as purchased), requesting a new full Installer, or login your Simmarket account and look for the new Vienna file.

Aerosoft's "Mega-Vienna" cannot be updated by our Update/Installers, please wait for Aerosoft to release their own new files.

AES will include support for Vienna 2.5 in the next version, estimated to be released before Christmas.

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Sid said...

Oh my! Fly Tampa is just unbelievable...what a truly class act! :-) Thank you very much FT! I don't own Vienna yet (I don't think) but I will now have to and get it, since it has been updated to such standards. These guys really know how to earn respect and loyalty.

And the upcoming Prague isn't too far away either DAndre :-) All the great old Hapsburg dynasty cities will then be done in awesome quality. Will make for some great Central European short-hopping indeed! :-)

You've made my day again. What a great surprise from Fly Tampa! Think I'll head over there right now actually.

Sven said...

Thanks DAndre for the heads up, and thank you FT for this update!! Truly a surprise christmas present. Texture updates are superb and the FTX global blending option makes the approach a sheer joy. The apron dynamic vehicles also give more life to the setting now.

Only used the update for FSX for now. Looking forward to making the full install to P3dV2 later this week.

Oh the geek factor... :-)


Karl said...

Are we sure Toronto is on the docket? I don't believe there has been any confirmation of that. Truly hope that it is true.

DAndre Newman said...

I am sure. You are not sure. All you need to know.

Unknown said...

Wow, Vienna was good, but now....holy crap

Flyer said...

- Improved FSX DX10 compatibility (Steve's DX10 Fixer Required)

I really hope that we will also see those DX10 updates for some AS Megaairports. Flytampa, Flightbeam and FSDT work great with the Fixer but with AS there is still room for improvement.

Pirx said...

I was waiting this update. Thanks to Flytampa. Vienna looks really good in my P3Dv2.

Now, it's time to LHsim to update it's Budapest.

Sid said...

Just flew LHBP-LoWW v2.5. Wonderful stuff! Get the update guys!

Peter said...

Wow. Great news.. hope they update Kai Tak next!!!!

Raczyński said...

What do You think about P3Dv2, is it worth to buy it?

Unknown said...

I hope not! Kai Tak is a ship terminal an industrial area now. :D

DAndre Newman said...

Big update for Budapest is right around the corner.

Sid said...

Moe good news :-)

Pirx said...

To Raczyński:

It's not the sim of my dreams but, but it is good enough. Nowadays I have to be pragmatic. There are not many other sims to choose and P3Dv2 allows me to use all my addons which is not a small thing.

In performance, it is a bit better than FSX, it has some bugs (crashes) but, in general I am quite happy. It is my default civil sim without any doubt. And it will surely be improved in future.

Unknown said...

oh my god thanks for the update!!

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