Sunday, December 22, 2013

QF757 on sale! We highly recommend!

FS9/FSX. The QualityWings 757 is a terrific product and is loads of fun to fly! Looking for a great virtual stocking suffer? The QW757 is now in sale for a whopping $20 bucks! You just can't beat that! You have till the end of the year to take advantage of this great price so feel free to wait till after Christmas in case you go broke with all your spending!

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Unknown said...

i bought this plane back in july and its been the only plane i have flown since, alot of liveries to choose from, easy to install, works in p3d v2 with the migration tool, first jet where i learned to actually do an ils landing properly, i highly recommend for new comers to flight sim or people that don't want to read hours of manuals to get off the ground

Pirx said...

I have purchased it when I saw the sale. I am a QW fan and the 757 will be a perfect partner to the 146.
The 757 is one of the most beautiful planes ever. And it seems to work on P3Dv2. Great!

Pirx said...

For those interested in the QW 757 on P3Dv2, take care that, althought it works on this platform, you won't be able to use the livery manager (this happened to me).

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