Monday, December 30, 2013

LatinVFR San Juan 2014 Preview!

FS9/FSX/P3D. That's right folks! LatinVFR's next destination is Puerto Rico! 2014 is already getting off to a good start and it isn't even here yet! It's been a very long time since we had a decent TJSJ San Juan scenery and i'm going way back to ImagineSim's version completed years ago. These are very welcome previews to me and I am very much looking forward to making this a prime destination next year. Check it out!

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wideloadwhitford said...

Still using that shi reflection global map I see.

David said...

They should start working more on their jetways and textures... I thought this was gonna look better :/

Ricardo said...

Hi Wideloadwithford.

This is a custom global reflection map, made for San Juan. Since KMIA we have done a custom one with the ambience of the area.

Hi David,
Thanks for your comments, we are still working on the project so don't worry still a lot to be done.

Unknown said...


Sean said...

I just hope they can get performance issues figured out. I have both of their recent sceneries (KMIA and KSAN among others), ran in P3D v2, FSX, AND FS9. on all three platforms the performance was horrible. I am a big fan of latinvfr so I really hope this gets fixed.

Todd said...

I never had performance issues with KSAN P3Dv1.4 but I did have issues with scenery displaying correctly in P3Dv2. Any news, Ricardo, on the P3Dv2 fixes? Keep up the good work.


Flyinglive64 said...

This is very good news. I’m looking forward to a proper TJSJ.

Ricardo said...


I hope to work on the fixes for P3Dv2. But it will take some time since we are catching up with a lot of work on TJSJ. We are to make TJSJ P3Dv2 compatible and then we will make KMIA and KSAN P3Dv2 compatible. For that to happen before we release TJSJ we can't promise. Also P3Dv2 has been reporting some issues and I am sure it will need some patching, we will like to test P3Dv2 with most of those problems reported fixed.

Sid said...

Looking forward to this tropical Puerto Rican scenery. TJSJ will make another great new addition for Caribbean flights! Good luck with this Ricardo! Make it a good one...:-) I'm sure you will.

Sean said...

I would like to eat my words. Did a fresh windows install last night and am now getting amazing performance with all of my AI etc installed. Look forward to TJSJ release.

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