Monday, December 30, 2013

NLS To Resume A380 Production!

FSX. Hot on the heels of an apparent ongoing fraud situation, NLS have stated that they have resumed production development on their A380 project canceled earlier this year. This should come as warm news to those who were looking forward to this project. Hopefully this time, the team will have the means to see it through to fruition. ADX will keep you posted on it's development as always. Here is the official statement:

"Alright. I have found out that I simply cannot let go of this. That means - we will carry on developing this A380! However:

- We will try to finish it. But we will not make any promises. Especially on the systems side, its extremely complicated. There IS a reason why no development team has achieved to develop a usable realistic A380 simulation up to date. Because the A380 is simply extremely com...plex.

- We will not make any statements on implemented features. I will try our best to implement and develop as much as there is possible within the limits of FSX and our abilities, but we will only know for sure in the very end.

- We will not post any detail shots of the displays and systems until it is finished. The technology used in programming them is quite innovative and their visual appearance is 99,9% accurate in layout, design, typo and colour compared to the real thing - so we simply don't want competing developers to "steal" anything.

Time is a very limiting factor and even if there is loads of other work that has to be done, I will try my best to find time to carry on with this. But I know I would regret if I'd let go of it. There are so many years and so much passion involved in developing this bird so I guess I don't have any options."
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Pe11e said...

If you're askign me, that is even the better news than the QW 737 Classic! The flight sim market is screeeaaming for good A380! I'll cross my fingers!

Balan22 said...

@Pe11e, I did scream when I saw their statement, in a positive way of course...LOL :D anyway lookin frwd

Unknown said...

I know English isn't everyone's first language, but when I see typos and whatnot in something that is being advertised to me it just screams scaaam!

Elliot Westacott said...

Good luck guys, wish you all the best.From your earlier screenshots it looks like you are doing a very good job. I assume teaming up with people at Aerosoft isnt viable? Might help out with the time restraints? Just an idea you have properly already looked at. Good luck! Very excited :)

Unknown said...

Alex... these guys are German. You also confuse "Genuine Simulation" (lol) who stole NLS's A380 wip shots. Now that was a scam.. NLS is legit.

The good old problem with all the upcoming jets is system modelling. I think they only ones who come close to PMDG are Majestick (as far as I heard) and Aerosoft.

From showcasing the 737 classic and this A380, these models ought to be brought along with on-par or above-par system modelling! If at some point, NLS estimates they cannot do it or do it adequately, then I'd not hesitate to cut a deal with Aerosoft who's already strong into Airbus simulation.

Pirx said...

On Xplane platform there is a very good A380 airplane, according to xplane followers: Peter's Hager A380. So, although complex it can be done. It could be a good exemple to follow.

I also hope this would be a good airplane. Cross our fingers!

Sid said...

Fantastic news! :-) This is one needed aircraft. Now there's 2 great new aircraft announced to be worked on in Quality Wings and Next Level Simulations. Will buy both for sure when released. Well done for putting 'Genuine Simulations' back to bed! You have a lot of support NLS...Just do the best you can...whatever that is...and we wont unrealistically expect too much but will buy on release. Really need any half decent A380 with a VC! Thank you!

Happy New Year to ADX and all simmers! If 2014's half as good as 2013, it'll be another great year for us all!


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