Friday, December 27, 2013

Aerosoft Mega Airport Oslo V2.0 Released!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Yep, we're still on the ball here and we have news for you that Aerosoft's very latest Mega airport is now available at their Download-Shop. This is most certainly going to be a new favourite Scandinavian destination, even more so at this time of year if you happen to enjoy low-visibility IFR approaches. And best of all, if you own the previous Mega Airport Oslo you are entitled to a 40% discount!

The new Mega Airport Oslo V2.0 is a highly realistic new version of Oslo's Gardermoen airport and features a high level of detail based around plans for the 2017 expansion. The airport scenery includes sharp high resolution textures for both day and night, as well as seasonal textures, and these are all based on photos taken at the airport itself. The photo real terrain with night and seasonal variations shows the harsh environment during the winter. The developers have also livened up the airport by enhancing the scenery with animations, passengers boarding and de-boarding aircraft and more.

Oslo Airport has grown a lot in the last years. In February 2013 it surpassed Copenhagen as the busiest airport in the northern European countries for the first time. It has two parallel north/south runways and connects more than 28 domestic and 100 international routes, as well as serving as the main hub for Scandinavian Airlines and Widerøe.


- Fully compatible with FSX and P3D
- High quality models and photo real textures
- High resolution runways and taxiways
- Highly realistic night time effects
- High resolution textures included as an option (2048)
- All buildings and installations at and around the airport
- Animations create a living atmosphere
- Passenger boarding and deboarding animations
- Terminal interior included in high detail
- Seasonal textures included
- Fully functional Docking System and departure countdown included
- Compatible with all AI traffic packages
- Static Aircraft included as an option 

So does Joerlend's Oslo v2 stand for P3Dv2? Well it can if you want it to! Today has brought us yet another amazing release! I don't think I have ever seen so many releases at one time! December 2013 just might be a historical record breaker. Oslo version 2 is a destination you do NOT want to miss. How on earth will I keep up with all the reviews?? Just might have to use that iPad mini my wife bought me for Christmas. I can see it now, reviews in the car, at the grocery store, in church... oh boy! Head over to Aerosoft and your copy now and stay tuned to ADX! Thanks to ADX reader Andrew Entwistle for the tip!

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Unknown said...

I see many flights coming up between Oslo and Helsinki's airports :))

Sweet Monkey said...

Man you guys are breaking my bank before the new year d$#m.

Sid said...

Perhaps the last great Mega airport of 2013 and a great one to end on. Really looking forward to it :-) Thanks for letting us know guys...I thought this one might just make it and its a great way to end the year's high quality Mega Airport releases :-)

Max Kraus said...

That is very very very nice

Flyer said...

Does it work with DX10 and the Fixer?

Andrew said...

Thanks for the heads up on this... been watching out for this to release!


Jean-Marc. said...

Does it work with DX10? Anyone?

Jude said...

Yes it works with DX10

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