Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nemeth Designs EC-130 B4 Helicopter Now Available!
FSX. Nemeth Designs have released their latest Eurocopter model, the EC-130 B4. This new addition to their fleet promises the usual high quality and features a detailed exterior and interior model, custom dirt and rain windshield effects, custom effects and animations, night lighting and custom gauges, to name but a few.

The EC-130 B4 is fitted with a Turbomeca Arriel 2B1 turboshaft, 632 kW (847 shp) turbine engine with FADEC (Full Automatic Digital Engine Control) system with a third independent and automatic back-up channel, provides increased power. Integrated VFR equipment coupled with a Global Positioning System (GPS) are standard for day and night missions. This particular helicopter also features a Vehicle Engine Monitoring Display (VEMD), which allows flight tracking and the recording of all engine irregularities, thereby facilitating increased flight safety.

As is common with many helicopter add-ons, the Nemeth Designs EC-130 B4 requires the Acceleration Expansion Pack for FSX to be pre-installed to run work properly.

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Sid said...

Any chance of a short vid showing this windshield rain effect after Christmas? I really miss that feature from FS 2004 a lot!

These guys really are the helicopter experts :-)

Thomas L. said...

And what about autorotation wiht 65kts works ore spin it around? and the frichten on the ground move it on stand in the circle like the AS 335 do ?

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