Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Saitek X-55 Rhino is revealed!

[FS Hardware] The Saitek guys aren't saying much about their latest gem due for release but based on the first teaser shot, it doesn't look much more far off that their X65 HOTAS system. I can clearly see the flight stick has a full movable axis and the throttle quadrant although extremely similar, has more buttons and switches on it but that's it. At least on a visual perspective. I surely don't think I will be trading in the warthog for this one but perhaps the X-55 will compliment my current setup and im sure it is a much more affordable alternative for many. After all, I do own multiple flight sticks which enable me to get a different feel for the different aircraft I fly and that Warthog solid metal can sometimes feel awfully cold and killer for something as simple as a  C172. I am excited to see the full feature list and will drop the info soon as it is avail! Check it out!

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Aggressorblue said...

More details available from Saitek at the page where you can sign up for pre-order:
(yes, that's the best marketing URL ever...)

In any event, assuming it's under $250 I'll pull the trigger (pun very intended) as it has something that has been way way way too long coming in high-end hotas: Adjustable resistance. Only controller on the market to offer this is Thrust masters entry level T.Flight (with a dial on the bottom). There's no excuse for a video game controller costing more than $100 to not feature physical axis feedback adjustment. The ability to swap springs is welcome, and sold me at once.

A bit disappointed I'll be loosing a couple hats (going from a CH Fighter-stick/pro throttle setup) But the additional axis and 3 way switches on the throttle should serve me well.

Marek said...

Another joy for fighter pilots. Yeah - I'm flying my 777 using X52, but still dreaming about Saitek Yoke or someting missing, like Saitek Yoke 2... :]

Unknown said...

Speaking of which, I'm eagerly waiting for a good combo of stick, throttle and pedals to come out. A fixed G940 perhaps and yet, nothing pops. Did Logitech totally abandon flight sim addicts? :(

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