Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Stargate BELL AH-1W Released!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. By now, we all should be aware of Ares51 Simulations. Over the last several months, the Area51 team has been promoting Stargate Studios HK which is a company aimed at developing simulator addons and games accorss several platforms. The company has just released their first addon, the BELL AH-1W Super Cobra. For $10 bucks, be sure to stuff your stocking with this bad boy! Their next FS aircraft will be the C-141A Starlifter.

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afro said...


Aggressorblue said...

Bought it from Simmarket yesterday, and took a 10 min flight in P3DV2. It's about what you expect from a $10 heli. Not really complaining, as it's a fun way to tour scenery and grab some neat looking screenines. Promised integration with Tacpack in the future seems interesting.

Only real gripe is the lack of a 'real' HUD (think like the FSX acceleration Hornet) as opposed to the FS9ish transparent gauge.

Kostas said...

@Aggressorblue You mean that the HUD of the AH-1W is not collimated...I feel that bro :/.It's one of my complains.

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