Tuesday, December 24, 2013

QW Avro/146 Service Pack 4 Released!

FS9/FSX/P3D. Just when you thought these guys were done! The QualityWings has just released Service Pack 4 for the QW Avro/BAE146 series aircraft. To top it off, the Avro is now on sale for the holidays! Great news all around! Be sure to get your update! Thanks to ADX reader Jens Cassel for the tip!


- BAe146-200 exterior model misses tailstrike protection (FS9 only)
- Wheel Chocks do not show if the parking brake message is disabled (FS9 only)
- No lit gearbay (FSX only)

- Crash to Desktop issues
- BAe146: Gauge backlighting does not work (FS9 only)
- Altimeter knobs & bugs missing (FS9 only)
- EHSI drawing offset when CRTDisplay=0 config option set
- FMC not interpreting Approach information correctly (e.g. EGLL ILS27)
- FMC ISA DEV in degrees Fahrenheit indicates 32 too high
- IRS panel not present in Avro RJ
- Avro RJ missing FGC clickspot. Misplaced clickspots in the same spot on overhead panel.
- ILS capturing problems
- V/L disarms when a different vertical mode is selected
- Toggling VS causes LNAV to not follow the track anymore
- Pressurization System builds up pressure when on ground
- TMS authority too small
- BAe146-300: PFD Dim knob missing in 2D
- BAe146-100/-200: Fuel Qty Gauges show wrong values
- BAe146-200: Fuel Used Indicators show total fuel used instead of fuel used per engine
- GNS-XLS: Manual flyover option on Database Wpt page missing
- GNS-XLS: Several buttons do not work after saved panel State is loaded with FMS on
- GNS-XLS: arrival Rwy page (8/10) does not show Frequency when ILS approach is selected
- GNS-XLS: arrival Rwy page (8/10) does not show selected Runway, after Approach is selected on Approach Page
- GNS-XLS: no 'Load Fuel' option

- Parking brake handle in VC does not move if the parking brake message is disabled (FS9 only)
- BAe146-100/-200: HSI Text ("Miles" & "GND SPEED") overlaid by other text snippets
- BAe146: NAV2 window only partially lit
- MCP rotary knobs very slow in VC

- Occasional engine sound distortion in exterior view
- Flap retraction sound plays on ground when A/C has not been airborne after flap extension

- TGT overall too cold

- Lite mode: PITCH UP/DOWN buttons adjust target V/S. Target V/S indicated on VSI
- IAS mode: Config options to allow user to set min/max IAS engagement speeds

Installers on the Flight1 product page will be updated after the christmas days.

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