Sunday, December 22, 2013

Some More Stunning Orbx PAEN Kenai Shots!
FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Iain Emms sure is keeping busy posting first and last shots of various projects in the pipeline at Orbx. Adding to the imminent release of Fairoaks Airport, Iain has just posted a bunch of new screenshots showing off Russ White's magnificent rendition of PAEN Kenai Municipal Airport. 

I'm guessing we can expect some last shots of PAEN from Iain fairly shortly too, as the PAEN Kenai product page on Orbx's website is now live as well. This really does look stunning and is surely going to be a very sought after addition to the other airports already available for Orbx's SAK region!

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Sean McFadden said...

This looks like another must have, but I'm personally holding off with buying anymore Orbx scenery until they fix P3Dv2 compatibility. I was going to get their Vernonia scenery, but although their online vendor says it's compatible with a big red V2 ready logo, it isn't.

It's a shame that Orbx aren't more organized around v2, as surely their lack of v2 support will impact sales. I only use v2 now and won't be switching back. I also wonder why the Vector previews that John announced for this past week never materialized.

Carlo said...

I think we all should be more relaxed with the P3D2 compatibility. There are still a lot of issues both with P3D2 and the add-ons. However, deverlopers will sort things out. And the good thing is: As long as Orbx claims compatibility in P3D2 they cannot charge for the updated "really" compatible products. And as long as the issues with P3D2 exist, we can all enjoy the add-ons in FSX. What's the problem about waiting a little bit?

Pirx said...

I agree with Sean. I want to buy some sceneries from ORBX getting nowadays sales but, they still have not compatible installers with P3Dv2 which is really strange because they are of the very first to give support to P3D.

I thought they would be the first to move their products. And, as I said, I am considering to buy some sceneries... but, buy to wait untill when to install?

Unknown said...

Sean, do you always get everything you demand in life the minute you want it? They say they are going to support P3D and supply installers. Do you think this will happen overnight? They have a huge product base. Give them a break and go drink a glass of nog and enjoy the holidays. Or maybe give the author of this scenery some kudos for creating yet another gem. :)

Alexander Nemeroff said...

I agree with Sean. Look at FlyTampa, their Athens, Dubai, Grenadines, Montreal, St. Maarten and Tampa sceneries are all available at Simmarket's P3Dv2 page. So far Orbx have only FTX Global and Ireland available for P3Dv2 that's it, nothing else! And they can't even release new scenery like Vernonia with P3Dv2 compatibility! I agree that it won't happen overnight, but in comparison to FlyTampa they seem extremely behind.

Harry Rabinowitz said...

Yeah right, Kudos for creating a gem that probably won't be released with a v2 installer either. Orbx were blowing their trumpet about v2 when it was in beta, and now that it's out they have nothing to show for it. It's not like LM developed v2 overnight and in total secrecy, Orbx were obviously ill prepared despite wanting us to believe that they were on top of things and now people's patience is running low.

Marco Galiari said...

It looks like Orbx are having problems. Non of the Vector previews that John mentioned last Sunday have appeared and I'm also starting to wonder why it's taking them so long to even release one first P3Dv2 compatible airport.

I don't think we'll be seeing Vector this year and to be honest I care more about my existing Orbx add-ons working in P3Dv2 than something new like Vector.

Flying Bob said...

Has anyone even been reading? It's down to ObjectFlow being compatible and the module is still being patched. It couldn'tbe patched during beta, the core engine was still a moving target with changing hooks. Everything else is perfectly compatible, it's modules that stand in the way

John Venema, Orbx CEO said...

We announced a delay to P3Dv2 airports back on December 17th:

This is due to our dependency on a third-party developed DLL to control all our airport objects, something that worked in P3Dv1.4 but which LM severely broke in P3Dv2. We would be silly to release an installer for an airport which did not function correctly. We'll be releasing P3Dv2 installers as soon as this DLL has been coded and debugged. Thanks for your patience (and we don't need this being spammed for each ADX topic, thanks guys).

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