Monday, December 31, 2012

What will happen in 2013 ?

[FS Market]. A few guesses on FS activity in 2013. Editors, developers, simmers, feel free to complete this post. It's all yours! We also wanted to add some humor before the end of the year, so we are posting this almanac.

Happy New Year from....

We are compiling here all the best wishes from FS teams.   UPDATED TODAY 18 UTC !!


For those fans of FSDT KLAX, and LAX fans in general, I thought you all might like to see exactly what it looks like in the new international terminal we call TBIT. The ghost terminal (because it's void of human life) is still under construction and you will not find images on the inside of the terminal anywhere elss on the internet. Yet... Arn't all of you so lucky! These were taken fresh with my iPhone this morning Dec31st. So enjoy! I have the QF A380 in there for you all as well! Just say it ain't beautiful!! I am very proud to call this my home airport.

Aerosoft Tomcat : new shots !

FSX. Posted a few hours, 3 new shots of the Grumman F-14.

Chemnitz EDCJ beta released

FSX. Stan from Sierra Foxtrot Design, has uploaded a beta version of Chemnitz Jahnsdorf on A nice and free German airport in the east of Dresden. Runway length = 2 900 feets.

Hungary with textures!

FS9/FSX. Our friends at LHSim show just how much work has been done over the last couple months or so since the last update. This time it's only a teaser but we can finally see texturing has finally started on the 3D terminal objects. This is exciting! Very exciting!! If they are on schedule, release could be sometime next month. I am very Hungary for Budapest!

AS Design to work on Leicester FSX

FSX. I am always puzzled when it's about AS Design, alias Aviasim. A partership with Visualize HD and then a break. A new project annoucement now and Saskatoon is not released yet. Well, apparently, the talented team want to make Leicester Aeroclub EGBG again. For FSX. Here is their note : 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

New shots from Heringsdorf!

FS9. Volker is showing off more in development shots of his Heringsdorf EDAH project and I must say, so far the work in very impressive! We will be keeping an eye out for release as well as his future works.

CYVR Exclusive!

FSX/P3D. We have some nice never before seen shots of FSDT CYVR shared with us on our Facebook page. If you haven't "liked" us yet, you should. We find lots of things there we don't post here on the blog!

Horta Exclusive!

FS9/FSX. [RELEASED ON SIMMARKET!] Our friends at TropicalSim have been a bit quiet lately but finally they have given us some exclusive shots of Aeroporto Horta which is expected to be released next week. Finally the Azores are nearing completion. looking good!

Good grief Charlie Brown! FSX is killing me!

click the black box
Getting FSX to co-operate on my inferior system can be such a pain in my butt. My ATI 5800HD series struggles to keep up and my system is automatically overclocking my 2.8GHz to 3.3GHz in a serious effort to make this all happen. I can hear all 3 fans powering up so loud they might as well be turbofans. All in all though, it's really trying... the poor rig. Here is a test video I made using my iPhone. You can still see some stutters if you can differentiate them from the shaking camera. My pilots skills are greatly reduced when flying with a camera in my hand...

Orbx Milford Sound Part 1 : Our own screenshots

FSX/P3D. Three airfields. Absolutely amazing mountains and lakes, waterfall, Pacific ocean breeze. Think Nature, Think Green and forget these noisy pollutant liners... for a few hours. Milford Sound is Orbx addon for FTX New Zealand South Island ( NZSI ).

Alabeo 40% sale!

FSX/P3D. If ever you were wanting an aircraft from Alabeo, now is the time!! We just picked up the
WACO YMF5 and the PA36 PAWNEE BRAVE 375 for $24 bucks! Great deal!
The FSDeveloper community for FS addon developers is considering to run an online conference about Flight Simulation development. They are currently running a survey to determine interest in such a conference. At the conference you would be able to see and/or give presentations about creating scenery or aircraft developments. So if are you a professional, amateur or just considering getting into flight simulation design, FSDeveloper would like to know if you all would like to see such a conference about this topic? Please visit FSD and fill in the survey!

Autogen factory imminent

FSX. Here is a more interesting news from France VFR. The french designer will open its Autogen Factory in early 2013 (possibly in few days). This website will grant free access to dowload "3D automation" vegetation to complete PHOTO range sceneries. A good way to improve your photoreal scenerie while waiting for the ultimate full 3D automation../..

Saturday, December 29, 2012


FSX. Finally more images if the Bodo project. Bodo is a small city in the North of Norway. It's a very nice place and the quality that we have seen so far with the project is equally as nice. The developers are teasing us with a shot here, 2 shots there... But we will take all we can get! Finally both the North and the East of Europe is springing to life in FS!

Sonderborg X. More!

FSX. Vidian has just posted more photos of Sonderburg. Even though it's still in the early stages, it's clear this is going to be a quality scenery and it's going to pair up well with FSDG Copenhagen when it's released next year.


FSX. And there there was 300! It's the next in the Captain 777 line of Aircraft! These are the very first previews and keep in mind this will be an extension package so you will need the 200. No word yet on the release date.

Scenic Utopia!

FSX. We first introduced Brian Winton to you all a short while ago with his freeware San Diego V1 scenery. We are aware of the issues such as memory leaks etc.. Well now the payware version has just been released and Brian has assured us that all the issues have been ironed out with this version. Also, the company name to look for in the future is Scenic Utopia!

ONT Released!

FS9/FSX. The updated FSX version of ONT has been uploaded to Avsim as of today per Shez Ansari Look for it in the next hours! The FS9 version was released earlier this year. We will provide the link as soon as available.

Sønderborg X

FSX. Vidian is on a roll with all the updates lately. This time it's an all new scenery with Sønderborg EKSB. So far the first in development shots look nice. Nice indeed. it's good to finally see some coverage in this region.

ERS B222 getting close!

FSX/P3D. Eagle Rotorcraft is progressing on the B222. I think I read somewhere it should be available by end of year.

Extended updated!

FSX. Aerosoft has just released a full installer update which fixes and improves a slew issues for the Airbus Extended. The feedback we have been getting on the Airbus Extended has been very positive. Even though it's on my hard drive, I have still yet to play with it. It's been a very busy Holiday! Hope everyone had a great time!

FTX Global : now the official communique

FSX / P3D. John Venema is telling more about the collosal project of world texturing.

A true legacy from Jerdoo

[FS market]. This might be very much the best visit card or advertising for our FS passion. Jerdoo has posted a 4 mn footage, compiling dozens of best aircrafts and sceneries in FS world. Congrat !

Orbx Chichester part 1 : Our own screenshots

FSX/P3D. This is it. The first airfield for FTX EU England. The place for horses and motor racing. Just compare the first three shots (defaut EU England) with Chichester/Goodwood EGHR scenery!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Photo Limousin released...

FSX. France VFR has released another Photo range scenery, the small french region of Limousin. Only a few simmers will probably be interested by this area.... It's way easier to release a photoreal scenery than this 3D automation marvel, apparently. But all these times, i only read on FVFR forum "take it easy, be patient..". A boring music... Discard, unless you live.... in Limousin, among the cows  !

Drzewiecki Warsaw City X : Hot test

FS9/FSX/P3D. The second "City X" from Drzewiecki Design, after Miami. Capital city of Poland. An extremely large area.

Orbx announcing a FTX Global !

FSX/P3D. Announced today by John Venema, Orbx CEO, FTX GLOBAL, a new product to be released in 2013. This will be a FTX World scenery including a complete set of textures, autogen, 3D lights and trees for all around the world. A special team will be dedicated to this new product that will be updated on a regular bases. The price is going to be around 190 US $ / 145-150 €, considering the enormous amount covered. And a real change compared with all our default textures...

PC-21 still under the knife.

FSX. Although the PC-21 is currently available for purchase is was initally released as a pre-release version. It is still under the knife and currently undergoing 'refinements'. As they say: "basically a tweak here, a touch up there."

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Not even delivered, already scratched!!

FSX/P3D. Don't you just hate when you get something new and it's already scratched? My Carenado SR22 GTSx Turbo hasn't even been delivered yet and the windows are already scuffed and scratched! Just another realistic feature being implemented from the guys at Carenado!

Need a Challenger?

FSX. Or how about a challenge? Help needed with this project!

Area51. SHhhh...

FSX. Looks like there is a leak from the secret hangars over at Area51. These guys had been quiet for a very long time till they surprised us with that science fiction helicopter a couple months ago. They seem to be alive and working! Here's what's on the horizon.

More from Tivat!

FSX. No shots yet on the airport renders but one thing is for sure, the landscape should make for an exciting approach. Here is the latest work in progress from SkyHighSim!

Not much but...

FSX. EnigmaSim is still progressing on their 737 project for FSX. They are not showing much but from what we have seen thus far the quality is looking damn impressive! We wish them the best of luck on this.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Beechcraft Baron for FS9 !

FS9. Carenado announces a new project, the twin-engined piston Beechraft 58 Baron, for you, owners of FS9/2004. First shots posted.

Black Box reaching V.060

FSX. I did not want to be rude with these guys, but fortunately, they managed to skip to ... version 0.60.  The least they can do while Aerosoft has definitely earned the rank of an aircraft builder.

Another video of Vancouver

FSX. FS Dreamteam has uploaded a second video of Vancouver CYVR. A matter of hours ?

Monday, December 24, 2012

It has truly been an amazing year and what was even more amazing is having the opportunity to serve you all over the past year. It's truly rewarding to see just how many people take time every day to visit our little blog. We have made many new friends and we are very proud of how much AirDailyX has grown. We both wish everyone a blessed holiday no matter what your religion may be. We are very fortunate to be able to enjoy this wonderful hobby we call flight simulation when so many don't have food to eat or clothes on their backs. Let's all take time today to call or visit our loved ones and take a moment to be thankful of all we have. After all, we have been blessed to endure another year of life. Rest assured, we are going strong and look forward to an even better 2013 full of FS news, reviews, and interviews!

Happy Holidays from Dominique and D'Andre!

Word of AI plans to shut down

[FS Market]. Announced today on their website, the famous FS community team World of AI,  is planning to shut down definitely in end of April 2013. No reason given. For years, this team has developed many packages of Artificial Intelligent aircrafts with real world airlines for FS.

Welcome to... Paradise !

FSX/P3D. And now Milford Sound is released ! The first Orbx scenery for FTX New-Zealand South Island is there right in time.

Welcome to Paradise

FSX. Thanks to Mathijs (Aerosoft), new previews of Tahiti V.2 for FSX have been posted this morning. Another present under the tree soon ?

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Gold Coast almost ready

FSX. Flyhalf has given its Gold Coast YBCG to Ozx development team. Shots have been posted on FSDeveloper. This mid-size Australian airport will be the fourth project from Max Kraus. Beta tests almost finished. Imminent and compatible with Orbx Australia.

Another video of Warsaw X City

FSX. Jerdoo has worked on the official  Warsaw X teaser for FSX. Short but nice.

Milford Sound imminent

FSX/P3D. Fortunately, Orbx, Aerosoft and a few others are still communicating.... Thanks to Iain Emms who has posted more shots of Milford Sound NZMF and Martin's bay.

ORBX Chichester-Goodwood released !

FSX/P3D. The Australian international team, Orbx, has released the first scenery for EU England, the airfield of Chichester/Goodwood EGHR.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

It ain't a BMW...

FSX. There are 2 high performance objects that share the designation 350i and we are not talking about the BMW. So it must be the King Air and I must say, MilViz has got me super excited! Now that I have a reasonably working FSX running, I am going FSX addon crazy!!

Twin Otter X : new screnshots

FSX. Aerosoft has posted new previews of the Twin Otter X. Really promising cockpit!

Friday, December 21, 2012

First shots of Midi-Pyrenees

FSX. France VFR has posted the first preview of Photo scenery Midi-Pyrenees, a large region in the south of France, that includes Toulouse.

The Flare Path: A Stick For A Stone.

As most of you know I personally use the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog flight system and I think it's the very best flight hardware money can buy. I came across this very interesting article and I think is a worthwhile read.

Airbus eXtended : a small review

FSX/P3D. At last. Available. Ready to download. And it's not a disappointment if you stand for a few minors bugs on hardware parameters. Here is a small and modest review. A digest for those who did not buy it yet. There is so much to say about this eXtended Airbus. We like !

Progress on Charlotte KCLT

Screenshot from the previous version
FS9/FSX. Imagine Sim has posted a report on Charlotte KCLT. A first service pack has been released in early november. New improvements to follow.

A first video of FSDT Vancouver

FSX. FS Dreamteam has apparently posted a first video in mid-september. At that time, Vancouver CYVR was still a work in progress, but  the video gives a good idea. And shows many shadows.
Update : Virtuali : " We are very close to release, but still have lot to do../... "

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A first video of Warsaw X

FSX. "Vexolin" has uploaded a video on Drzewiecki Design Warsaw City for FSX. It's not a teaser but this 9 mn. footage gives a good idea of what is Warsaw X.

A new challenger to Topcat ?

[FS Market]. Aleksi Linden, the founder of AuraSim, has launched a first utility for flight Simulation, the "AuraSim Instruments", a sort of electronic flight bag that calculates take-off and landing performances like Topcat trademark. Aurasim is entering../. 

Vidan design updating Randers

FSX. The Danish designer has updated Randers EKRD airfield to V.1.1. New shots posted.

Drzewiecki Warsaw City X part 1

FSX/P3D. After FS9 version, FSX. Heck of a show. Warsaw city, suburb, thousands of buildings, VFR objects and airports. Expensive ? Maybe...  Spin of life ? Very very long...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

News of Cagliari !

FSX. Despite technical problems, 3DE is still working on Cagliari Elmas airport LIEE. New buildings added. Textures will follow after Christmas.

More on Chichester

FSX/P3D. Iain Emms has posted more previews of Chichester/Goodwood EGHR for Orbx FTX EU England.

DolomitiX Trento released!

FSX. Go visit the wonderlands of FSAddon! Their latest product: DolomitiX – Trento is now available!