Monday, December 31, 2012

AS Design to work on Leicester FSX

FSX. I am always puzzled when it's about AS Design, alias Aviasim. A partership with Visualize HD and then a break. A new project annoucement now and Saskatoon is not released yet. Well, apparently, the talented team want to make Leicester Aeroclub EGBG again. For FSX. Here is their note : 

Yesterday, on their FB page ;

" Anyone aware of our next project? Leicestershire Aeroclub for FSX!
For the third time Aviasim visits this airfield. "Why Leicester again?" well, a lot of people wanted an FSX version, I felt I could of done better than my previous FS2004 version...there sure is a major difference, there will be better texture quality and model detail, using less textures, no tiling. Detail and quality as well as i...ncreased performance are the main two, the others, well, you will all see in a couple of days.

Please also welcome Dominique Dantu on the team, Dominique is not doing any developments on Leicester as Leicester is almost done by myself already, however, he will of course be working with me on my next project which is yet to be discussed...or so you think!

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and you will hear from us soon!

More on this team :!/pages/Aviasim/122189351224758

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Anonymous said...

Be ready for the cancelation announcement.

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