Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Black Box reaching V.060

FSX. I did not want to be rude with these guys, but fortunately, they managed to skip to ... version 0.60.  The least they can do while Aerosoft has definitely earned the rank of an aircraft builder.
V.06 announced :


Anonymous said...

Don't like their model at all!
Btw, do you know that Mathijs Kok said that there are plans for an A330?

wideloadwhitford said...

I'm not biased either when it comes to them however I prefer the good visuals of the VC on the ASE. On the Black box they still did not fix the near impossible click spots that will leave you frustrated and focused more on that instead of flying. I do however like the performance of the systems for climb and decent, it hits the targets fine and climbs smooth unlike the ASE on decent. Hoping for a nice service pack on the ASE soon!

Anonymous said...

Bit of a harsh comment I would say???? I have both and at 0.60 BBS are ahead of Aerosoft's supposedly complete version.

Anonymous said...

BBS´s PFD, ND, & displays looks like an real Airbus. Not as AAE's "cheap" displays that just doesn't look real. I agree that BBS's click-spots are really bad made & user unfriendly in the VC.

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