Thursday, December 20, 2012

A new challenger to Topcat ?

[FS Market]. Aleksi Linden, the founder of AuraSim, has launched a first utility for flight Simulation, the "AuraSim Instruments", a sort of electronic flight bag that calculates take-off and landing performances like Topcat trademark. Aurasim is entering../. 

Aurasim is entering the FS market upon a partnership with Majestic Software. The new Aurasim instrument will support the incoming Bombardier Dash-8 Q400. Other aircrafts might follow.
From the press release, the tool has even been tested by real pilots.

Aleksi Linden :

"' ../..  Currently the AuraSim Instruments is under closed beta testing. We will, though, later on widen the test for everyone to participate. Later on we will be adding more aircraft types, such as Boeing 777.../. "

This company has also started a website and a Facebook page.

Airdailyx :

It is indeed too soon to judge the interest of the Aurasim Instruments but it might become a useful tool, especially if it is integrating new aircrafts addons. Ultimately, it could even replace your old Topcat...

To be continued


Anonymous said...

Now that is exciting news!

Since Topcat's been abandoned there's definitely a niche to be filled in the marketplace. Keeping fingers crossed the aircraft list they cover is exhaustive.

Anonymous said...

Looks very promising!

Anonymous said...

Topcat hasn't been abandoned, just not worked on whilst their flight planning product is being developed.
Competition is always a good thing though particularly if the new kid on the block is more receptive to the type and number of aircraft supported.

Anonymous said...

Looking great! Waiting for it!

Anonymous said...

PFPX is coming the next month and the mix with topcat will kill any sort of competition.
The lacks of aircraft profile is because the developer have concentrate effort on this integration and left topcat on a freeze situation.
But things will change very rapidly due to this new release.

Anonymous said...

We are not planning to competite with our product against Topcat in any way. We want to bring the customers an alternative option, which can be used in your PC/Mac browser or your mobile devices, such as iPad. We are also looking to make co-operation with the add-on developers so that their users will experience their products at their best.

We have the greatest respect towards to Topcat developers.


Aleksi Lindén

Anonymous said...

And that's the proper/right thing to say from a public relations point of view. Don't want to alienate anyone--makes sense.

I can also tell you that loyalty to a brand is very important--and only comes after having paid due attention to the creation and care of said brand.

The Topcat brand is damaged now exactly because of that 'freeze' situation. And there's your opportunity. A good product, in combination with good customer relations puts you on top of the pile.

Personally I'm interested, and wish you the best of luck.

Mason Dominique said...

And curiously... Flightsimsoft (Topcap, PFPX) has posted an update report 5 days ago...

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