Monday, December 24, 2012

Word of AI plans to shut down

[FS Market]. Announced today on their website, the famous FS community team World of AI,  is planning to shut down definitely in end of April 2013. No reason given. For years, this team has developed many packages of Artificial Intelligent aircrafts with real world airlines for FS.


Anonymous said...

Big shame as all the payware AI is shite.

Anonymous said...

i agree as well, however, there are still up to date packages that can be manually installed easily enough. then again, maybe someone else will step up and continue the free packaged ai such as projectai did long ago and until now WOAI.

Anonymous said...

Ice traffic is free and in my opinion excellent! Google it to fine out more! (Don't have we page sorry on phone)

Anonymous said...

That stuff uses flightplans and models without permission from their owners. It is a piece of shit!

Anonymous said...

I strongly disagree on your point.

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