Monday, December 31, 2012


For those fans of FSDT KLAX, and LAX fans in general, I thought you all might like to see exactly what it looks like in the new international terminal we call TBIT. The ghost terminal (because it's void of human life) is still under construction and you will not find images on the inside of the terminal anywhere elss on the internet. Yet... Arn't all of you so lucky! These were taken fresh with my iPhone this morning Dec31st. So enjoy! I have the QF A380 in there for you all as well! Just say it ain't beautiful!! I am very proud to call this my home airport.

You can also see a QF A380 during gate testing. There was a jetbridge incident a short while back. All looks good today though.  I'll post high-res images when I have time to watermark them. ENJOY!


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Mason Dominique said...

Wonderful !
Where did you get these ones ?


DAndre Newman said...

Took them myself!

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