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What will happen in 2013 ?

[FS Market]. A few guesses on FS activity in 2013. Editors, developers, simmers, feel free to complete this post. It's all yours! We also wanted to add some humor before the end of the year, so we are posting this almanac.

" The end of car racing simulation, did you say ??"
Aerosoft: We expect the release of Berlin Brandenburg by summer as well as other German/European airports in 2013. Release of the CRJ (DA project) by Christmas 2013. The German publisher might promote spin-offs from his staff in order to reduce costs. A Spin-off could be launched from the team of Airbus Extended.

PMDG: Expect the Boeing 777 to be released by spring 2013. The Nevada company will have to make some choices. Maybe launching an X-Plane aircraft or buying-out a smaller company.

Orbx: FTX Global finally released in April 2013. Developers are buying it in order to match their airport textures with this new set of land-classes. British office now at full production. Canberra City finally released. Expect several new small developments in NZL, AUS, UK, and the US East Coast. Possibly more PNW developments as well. Maybe Orbx will even make a come back to heavy airports. A new partnership with PMDG and other editors to support FSX platform ?

Drzewiecki Design: This team is everywhere and doing everything but aircraft design. Touted as among the best in the industry, expect them to return to the main airport of Warsaw as well as well as a possible release of New York City X in March. Expect BIG projects from this team in 2013.

Latin VFR: As this team makes efforts to improve their technique and overall quality, we believe LVFR will continue to take on larger US airports. We also will see a reworked MIA in 2013 as well.

Taxi2Gate : This is also a team to keep an eye on in 2013. Their quality is improving very fast and is very likely to take on both Western and European mega airports in 2013.

LHSim : We foresee this young development team making huge headway in 2013 with the release of Budapest and making their way into other airports in Europe. This is a team to watch in the coming year.

Flightbeam : Washington Dulles released in Summer 2013.

FSDT: We expect more US mega airports from this team in 2013. Possibly expect them to take another glance in Canada's direction in 2013, or... a U turn toward Europe / Asia..

FlyTampa: Expect Montreal before spring 2013. As for what Martin is working on... who the fuck knows as usual... But since he likes the Gulf Air, he might want to work on Doha? Who knows..

QualityWings: Expect the BAE-146 and hopefully the Dreamliner for 2013. If for any reason they do get the 787 out next year, we are very curious what aircraft they will look at next.


And....  who knows what will happen in our time machine.....

October 2013. Aerosoft buys out Wilcopub and Feelthere.

Quality Wings buys out CLS and.. launch 3 new projects at the same time.

November 2013 : A child, very found of FS simulation, 11 years old, saved 112 passengers of a Boeing 737-700. (Pilots ate the same poisoned dish).

December 2013 : Unfortunately... Blueprint Sim, Simaddons, and AVS cease operations... but, in a sudden move, they join forces and merge to form the first scenery editor.

January 2014 : The end of FS 2004. Developers have ceased all projects.

February 2014 : Airdailyx gulps down....  Simflight.
March 2014, Orbx creates a second base in Central America.

June 2014. A first simmer died of a simulated heart attack. FS Simulation is so real now, that the virtual pilot lost his mind falling from a virtual mountain.

March 2015 : Robert Randazzo is the new representative (Democratic party) of Nevada State.

April 2015 : Due to the disastrous virtual carbon footprint of car racing simulation, this sport is forbidden on internet.  Age of Flight Simulation rebirth.

Pure virtual air prevails on the asphalt !

Oops. Too much Champagne.



Meanwhile... in our real world...

Well, 2013 should be a good year. People want to dream, Children want the sky.

The French brand Dior is launching a new ad campaign with Marion Cotillard and... a seaplane.
Dreamliner sales and flights might speed up.
Pixar is launching its latest motion pictures, " Planes", all around the world.
Paris will organize the 50fth Bourget exhbition.

Whatever happens in 2013, we truly wish all our readers all the best! AirDailyX will remain by your side for all your FS needs!

From Dominique and D'Andre


Anonymous said...

This just in from completely unreliable sources:

Sir Richard Branson is slated to take over Mathijs Kok's position at Aerosoft. In Sir Richard's words "This is part of my continuing plan to take over the world".

Expect, by third quarter 2013, to see a Really Super Extended version of the Airbus--but only in Virgin colours.

Mr. Kok will retire comfortably to start a mini-lawnmower business on a small tropical island where the women only wear grass skirts.

2013 will also see Stanislaw Drzewiecki abandon Poland to focus instead on Kenya. In Stanislaw's own words "Well I know I can do buildings. Real-looking buildings. I feel I need to let the flightsim community know that I can also do Wildebeest.

"It is my plan to do Jomo Kenyetta International--complete with attached grasslands (the full Serengeti is planned) where you will see, in real time, thousands of Wildebeest migrating. The FSX version will also have hyena."

Quality Wings will not buy CLS as rumoured, instead they will merge with Planter's to bring you Quality Wing Nuts.

To come as well in 2013: Boeing, to at least lure simmers away permanently from Airbus, will offer a revolutionary new IFE program.

Where you may now watch movies in the seat rest in front of you, you'll be presented with a fully functioning virtual cockpit of the very jet you're in.

At the beginning of each flight one lucky passenger's name will be drawn--and the winner will be allowed to fly the approach into destination all the way down to minimums before handing control back over to the captain.

Taxi2gate will actually start making taxis this year.

Finally, FlyTampa, LatinVFR, FSDT, and Imaginesim will all try to outdo each other to compete with Orbx's version of KGEG Spokane.

Happy New Year!!

Mason Dominique said...

Great story !!
Thanks a lot.

Musjo said...

Very interesting predictions! :)

Btw - you obviously forgot the (hopefully) upcoming release of EKCH Copenhagen X from FSDG...

Happy New Year!

pmb said...

There is another major scenery project around the corner published by Aerosoft called DEX (Deutschland X):

It is supposed to cover Germany with new landclass, textures, and 3D objects, and is said to be released in 4 packages during 1013.

pmb said...

Sorry for the typo, DEX is supposed to be released in 2013, of course :-) Regards, Michael

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