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Drzewiecki Warsaw City X : Hot test

FS9/FSX/P3D. The second "City X" from Drzewiecki Design, after Miami. Capital city of Poland. An extremely large area.

Version tested : FSX V1.0
File size : 4,45 GB (2 files)
Installation : Very easy. Just move the three compressed files in a separate folder. This way, everything will be recognised during the installation process.
Manual : Yes. 12 pages in english. 1 chart.
Utility : D.D. Season switcher.
Framerate :
With the Beechcraft C90 Carenado : [15-18] to [25-35] FPS
Configuration : I5 / 3,4 GHZ / 6 MB RAM / ATI HD 6570 1GO / WIN SEVEN 64 / REX
Compatibilty : With Ultimate terrain X.
The bad :

 * There is still a texture refreshment problem. Some tiles are taking a few more time to refresh in some areas and under some conditions ; this side effect specially occurs when you switch between cockpit and external views or while you make a 360 ° over the city.  It can be diminished more or less according to your processor and graphic card.
 * Road traffic very faint and limited to the City centre.

The good :

* Extra large area : 5 000 squared kilometers of photoreal textures and autogen (70 km x 70 km).

* Two mid-size airports for liners : Modlin and Babice (although this one is now mainly used by an aeroclub for GA aviation). Several private fields and helipads are also included.

* The scenery will be a strong addition to the futur Warsaw EPWA airport (work in progress).

* High flexibility of the scenery that can be used with liners, GA aircrafts, Helis etc. 

Already known for its airports (Polish airports volumes and Cracovia), Drzewiecki Design has polished the airports included in this new scenery. These two screenshots here are showing the fineness of the ground textures. 

The airport of Modlin, refurbished to serve as a low cost base for Ryanair and other small companies.   

 * * * * *

During my test flights, i was astonished by the diversity and the various landscapes ; the meanders of the river, industrial areas, small districts, contryside views and, of course, the modern Capital centre of Warsaw. All of these places are changing a lot from summer to winter.

These two shots here are showing a comparison between FSX defaut ground textures and D.D. Warsaw custom textures, Winter and Spring.


You can plan an interesting flight by following the Vistula. The longest river of Poland is meandering across the Capital City. 

Warsaw City center. Hundred of old residential buildings based on custom textures. I was in Warsaw in 2007 and, i assure you, most of them are perfectly designed like the real ones. For 15 years now, Warsaw is really living a renaissance and new modern buildings have been erected around the center.

The airfield of Sobienie EPSJ in the suburb. Charming place with many static propellers. The main terminal has this typical Drzewiecki touch.  

Goraszka EPGO

* * * * *

This is a large area of appartment houses in the South-East of the town. And in this very specific area, all the buildings are custom designed with their proper set of textures. I was impressed by the quality of these textures. Here below is a more detailed view.

Very high definition of textures !

Another interest of this dense area of buildings is that it is located along the axe of one of Warsaw Chopin EPWA runway 29/11 (even if this international airport is not designed in this large scenery).

Want to see more screenshots  ?

All these screenshots have been taken on an ATI HD 6570 card, average quality settings.

Conclusion :

Despite the price and the tile refreshment annoyance (which is from my knowledge only happening on my computer), Warsaw City X 2013 is a dense and complete package. Compared with Aerosoft UIS Cities serie,  this product has some night ground textures and some night textured buildings. Personally, i bought it because i wanted to discover this city i already visited a few years ago. And second, i wanted more airports for my Eastern Europe flights. I am confident that Drzewiecki Design will release further updates later.

Thanks !

Airdailyx September 2012
Reviewed by Dom  Mason

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