Saturday, December 29, 2012


FSX. And there there was 300! It's the next in the Captain 777 line of Aircraft! These are the very first previews and keep in mind this will be an extension package so you will need the 200. No word yet on the release date.

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Anonymous said...

Rather than CS direct resources onto this add on should they not have got the base pack finished and out of Beta?

Anonymous said...

Leave it to CS to push a whole new design while their customers are still bombarded with issues of their never ending beta. Quality customer service!

Anonymous said...


Mason Dominique said...

So agreed ! A shame it takes so long to finish this aircraft.
Sort of, we have paid them their wages for an unfinished work. Who cares of the version 300. More delay..
Dom Mason

Anonymous said...

Excellent point! Totally agree...

Kind of annoying, to read new reviews of expansion packets, when their base-pack product isn't finished...

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