Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Funny Screenshot Of The Day!

FSX/P3D. This is really funny. In all honestly, it's not funny at all and it's indeed sad. But nonetheless, it's still funny. Many of you by now are well aware of a current ongoing scam regarding an outfit calling themselves Genuine Simulations promising an A380 product that is 100% based on screenshots stolen from Next Level Simulations. A bit part of me is actually glad this happened as it inspired the developers to get back to work on the project which is a good thing for all of us. But the thing that really got me going this morning is the watermarking on their latest image. You just cant make this stuff up! Keep up the great work NLS! Full shot inside. Read closely.
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Sea Urchin said...

This is great!

ajpongress said...

From NLS just minutes ago:

"Ladies and Gentleman, thanks for your support. We were successful in shutting down Genuine Simulation's website by copyright abuse complaints. Their webspace provider verified our complaints and found them legit. Leading to an immediate shutdown of their webspace and cancellation of services. Lets not hope it shows up elsewhere in the future. Thanks! "

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