Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Note From The FSGlobal Team.

P3Dv2. Here is an update on from the FSGRW team regarding Prepar3D V2 compatibility: "We were working hard on it, but unfortunately had to enter a holding. This is due to the fact, that there still are some slight flaws in P3D V2.0 (and no, it is not just the known temperature bug). We are relaying with Lockheed Martin to get these fixed hopefully in the first patch (V2.1) which they will release soon. Until then and until we have tested and finetuned FSGRW to work with P3D V2.1 we have to hold and burn off some fuel ... As we are dependent on another party, we can not say, when this version will come out. If these bugs are fixed and nothing more shows up, it won't be long after Prepar3D V2.1 has been released."
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