Tuesday, January 28, 2014

FlySimware Cessna 402C Released!

FSX/P3D. If it's one thing I really like to see is more developers getting out there and developing aircraft addons for flight simulator. Typically, we tend to see scenery developers outnumber aircraft developers 5 to 1. FlySimware has just released their Cessna 402C Businessliner and where it's no Carenado, it does look nice. But I must say, I am really struggling with that price tag. @ 26.38EUR. Ouch. You can pick it up at Simmarket.
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Toby said...

I must agree, it does look pretty nice, but the price does seem a little steep. Having said that, Simmarket is a rip off at the best of times; for those who want it you may want to wait and see if another retailer steps in.

Whisper said...

well yes the price seem a bit steep. But we cant alway say for that reason not worth the price as we sometimes see projects where they have more attention to how it fly and such.. i remember JS31 that is tricky if you are new as the ENG could quit if not controled right Even i tryeid it and been flyeing JS41 never had problems.. and at the end it=s what the developer want to do.. we could hope for a ballance between visual and handling how it fly..

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