Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Alabeo C195 Getting Ready!

FSX/P3D. Like hot rods? How about hot rods with wings? Well here comes the best of both worlds! Alabeo is homing in on release of their upcoming legendary C795 Businessliner. Looks like this baby will be ready in a week! I'm guessing next Tuesday or Wednesday. I just can't wait to hear that seven-cylinder 300hp Jacobs R-755 engine fire up! It's gonna be nice. I think I will fly it off to Misha's Seiku first and wake the neighbors!

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Ian G said...

This would be sublime in X-Plane!

kernelPANIC said...

Alabeo just released the Cutlass. I think that a release window of late-next month / March is more likely :P

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