Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Prepar3D v2 SimDirector Mission - VIP Transport!
P3Dv2. With the introduction of Prepar3D v2's SimDirector, the possibilities to setup missions and learning scenarios are endless. In this particular mission, I have setup a Swedish Navy Visby Class Corvette just offshore, roughly 1 NM from the Burj Al Arab and positioned my Bell 407 on the hotel's helipad. Join me as I head out from the hotel to pick up some VIPs on the Swedish Navy Corvette.

For those of you wishing to replicate this mission, this excellent Swedish Navy Visby Class Corvette by Nobu Aki is freeware and available here: 

Start Prepar3Dv2 and use the slew feature to position your helicopter on top of the Burj Al Arab helipad. Once that's done and you've opened Prepar3D v2's SimDirector, you'll notice that all available assets within the Prepar3D v2 directory structure have been indexed and this provides an exhaustive list to choose from. Once you select the Visby Class Corvette, the ship can then be placed anywhere on the map.

I guess that it would be possible to assign waypoints for the ship to follow, I haven't yet had a closer look at this. Using SimDirector it seems to be a lot simpler to setup local air and sea traffic in a mission-type environment,  as opposed to compiling a traffic-style BGL using external, third-party programs.

I did notice an issue with ships jumping in Prepar3D v2. With some, like this Swedish Navy Visby Class Corvette, it's very slight, other ships can show much more erratic behaviour. I'm not sure what's causing this, please feel free to drop a comment below if you know how to remedy this.

The Burj Al Arab helipad used in the above video is part of FlyTampa's wonderful Dubai scenery package, more info is available here:

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Frederik Hagedorn said...

I've also noticed a problem with ships bouncing in P3Dv2. I hope this will be fixed soon.

Jan Bezuidenhout said...

Great video Jerome! That sure beats having to mess with BGL files to create boat traffic for something like this.

Naruto-kun said...

Try bringing your framerate down from Unlimited. AI objects will bounce around in FSX at an unlimited framerate. I think P3Dv2 would probably be the same.

Charlotte said...

Does P3D v2 have new airports and runways simulated, for instance is Berlin Brandenburg included?

Jerome Zimmermann said...

Unlimited or limited, it doesn't change a thing in Prepar3D v2, they still bounce for some reason.

Jerome Zimmermann said...

Not as far as I'm aware, you might want to ask the question over in their forum.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a bunch for sharing this.

Cpc course & Transport manager cpc

Sid said...

Nice flying and gorgeous vid Jerome! Really enjoyed the it and the insight it provides.

Cheers for that!


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