Monday, December 9, 2013

Majestic Dash 8 Q400 v1.008 Update Out Now!
FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Majestic Software have just released v1.008 of their 2013 masterpiece, the Dash 8 Q400.  I've searched through their forums, and there doesn't seem to be an official announcement just yet, but I can tell you that the update is already available through Simmarket. The v1.008 installer is a complete replacement for all previous versions, so you will need to remove your existing Q400 installation before installing this new one.

This new v1.008 weighs in at roughly 100 MB more than v1.007, and still seems to default to the FSX folder, though you can easily point the installer to the Prepar3D v2 folder instead. I've seen that there is a new SpecialFeatures.pdf document included and the sample flights and scripts appear new and/or updated.

For those struggling to get this turboprop airliner to work in Prepar3D v2, there are some useful tips on their Facebook page.

The news section on their website is in the process of being updated and will very shortly have a full list of what's new in v1.008. You can find the news section by following the link below:

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Daniel said...

Unfortunately I get a FSX CTD when loading a flight with the Dash.

Jerome Zimmermann said...

Are you trying to load a flight that was created with v1.007? There may be parameters that have changed with v1.008 that might be causing this if that's what you're doing.

Daniel said...

No, I'm loading a freeflight. The sim loads the aircraft and after a few seconds I get the error message "the sim has stopped working". I thought it was ActiveSkyNext, but I have no problem when using the AXE for example. Never had any problems with the Dash before.

Edward Nigma said...

I got the changelog, gents:

+Fixed the SAT indication reverting to ISA on repositions
+Replaced the turbulence model, added ground layer turbulence with strong winds

+Fixed the VOR/DME/NDB ranges and the terminal/high altitude range switch
+Fixed the landing spoilers extension timing on touchdown
+Replaced the NAV/ILS type detection function

+Fixed the clocks logic

+Drawing optimization by using a faster screens clearing function
+ND: No FMS flight plan will be present when ND in the ILS/VOR mode
+ND: DATA airports and nav will not be present when interlap with flight plan waypoints

+cpan: W&B page will remember the last values entered

+Installer: Replaced the directX updater
+FSX Connector: Correcting the FSX AP Vertical Speed reversion when alt selected crosses current altitude
+Setting fuel flows via fsuipc (for XAcars)

Unknown said...

Trying running FSX as admin.

Daniel said...

I'm always running FSX as admin. ;)

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