Thursday, December 12, 2013

PILOT'S Show First FS Global VECTOR Screenshots!
FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Some more news trickling in this morning from the PILOT'S team in Austria. Their FS Global VECTOR page is up and they've added some screenshots to illustrate the difference the vector data makes. While these are development shots of Paris, they certainly give us an insight into how the geospatial data for hydrography, railroads, roads, and trails makes a difference in how the city is rendered.

The first screenshot shows a BGL file of Northern Europe containing vector data layers for:

- Land cover
- Political boundaries
- Hydrography
- Road centerlines
- Other transportation (rail, air, etc.)
- Buildings
- Geodetic monuments

Looking at a close-up of an urban metropolis like Paris, the vector data can be channeled into layers depicting:

- Buildings with point (location) and/or polygon (outline)
- Hydrography with single and double-line streams, water bodies
- Road centerlines and single-line roads
- Railroads including single lines
- Political boundaries, including county and municipal boundaries

The next screenshot shows how the addition of the above-mentioned vector data layers changes the way Paris is rendered during daytime:

Changing daytime to nighttime, the vector data layers clearly show a much more structured urban layout, especially if you look at how the lighting is laid out:

Using the vector data layers from the first daytime screenshot and the above nighttime shot, we can see the heightened realism in the way a large city such as Paris is rendered in the flight simulation world through the use of vector data:

We expect a lot more information to become available as we get closer to the launch date, as always we'll do our best to keep you updated.

Please note that FS Global VECTOR will be released in both download and boxed versions, with the download version being made available through Orbx's normal retail channels, and PILOT'S selling the boxed edition through their website.

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Andrew said...

This is a little confusing. FS Global Vector and FTX Global Vector...

Or are they one and the same???


Jerome Zimmermann said...

Hi Andrew,

One and the same, PILOT'S is the developer, Orbx is merely going to be selling the downloadable version. I've added info to clarify ;-)

Best regards,


Andrew said...

Cheers... I must admit that this is what I suspected, but thanks for making it clear!


Unknown said...

New Flightbeam KDEN screenshots and info on their facebook page!

Luciano said...

If one has already bought both Global 2010 that the complete set of FS Global Ultimate must wait for the release of ORBX vector or I must redeem FS Global Vector also? What are the step installation?

Andreas Woerner said...

"Vector" Scennery ?
"vector data layers" ?

Sorry, did somebody understand, what they are talking
about ?

Since I made my degree in mathematics, almost 20 years ago, Vector Operations was a part of my dissertation. So, normaly, I always thought, that I have one's fill about that content of the curriculum. Gee! ^^

Ok, lets talk straight: even to use the term "Vectors" in a direct connectedness to a 3D-application, is already redundant in itself : a 3D Engine is based on Vector Operations only, anyway, at all.

And more funny : to use a statement, like "vector data layers" in the same causal relationship, which represents a 3-time redundance, but without any meanings ! It would promptly vanishes itself in a puff of unlogic - same significant such as "a towel always get thrusty, when the doorbell is rings".

Please, dont take it to the wrong way: I am a satisfied customer, no offense.

I can see Orbx´s efforts to "invite" a "new type" of scenery, with the background of P3Dv2. But I would suggest Orbx to come back to normal- or least, not incorrect or less apparent - naming conventions. Some customers could be felt as they was treated like fool.

Flying Bob said...

Vectors in FS scenery refers to (and has always referred to) the data that is used to display rivers, roads, railroads, powerlines, coasts, and other scenery attributes. It's not a new type of scenery, it goes all the way back to Ultimate Terrain for FS9.

Actually Ultimate Terrain could be a misnomer, terrain refers to the type of groundcover which could be textures, landclass, or mesh. And UT does vectors, not terrain!

Andreas Woerner said...

Doesn´t matter, if it is logically named as terrain, landclass or whatever : a binary graphic language file (BGL) is based on vectors only and can be easiest described as a predefined Vector Space, povideing vector functions and matrices, quite contrary to the external textures (plain sprite-based), of course. BMPs are just fitted to their, BGL-vector assigned, position and dimensions.

Recently, as I tried find out what exactly this product is (landclasses, local, mesh etc.), there is always the talk about "It is not a landclass, it is a vector scenery", but it seems that knowbody ever has heard about that, of course :D

Bernd Podhradsky said...


Your statements may be true for "raw mathematics", but in GIS and certainly in FS scenery, vector data means rivers, coastlines, landclass polygons, lakes etc, each of them being a separate "layer", which is exactly why "vector data layers" is a correct term in FS scenery development :).


Bernd Podhradsky said...

Another thing: landclass is raster data (which is a gridded format, very common in GIS) while vector scenery is a collection of GIS primitives (lines, polygons, points etc), so it also makes sense to make this distinction :)

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