Thursday, December 12, 2013

Imminent Release - Orbx's Ireland Scenery Region!
FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Iain Emms has posted his final set of screenshots for Orbx's Ireland scenery region. Those familiar with this particular Orbx custom know that this can only mean one thing, the release is imminent!

With the release of Ireland, the whole British Isles will be available from Orbx, as this compliments Orbx's already available scenery areas that make up Great Britain. The screenshots we've seen so far look outstanding, hopefully it will be out before this coming weekend!

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Sid said...

I must say, FTX Ireland looks like the best Great Britain and Ireland scenery yet from Orbx...which seem to have improved each time with every subsequent FTX EU release :-)

Really impressed with the textures here! Detail looks very promising too :-)

Looks like a job well done by Sim720 and Orbx!

Andrew said...

And there is a sale on at OrbX specifically aimed at the NIR IRE combination...


Cheese said...

It's now released!

Unknown said...

Makes me kind of wish they would update England. Looks great.

Sid said...

If they did, would be good to update the Cardiff part of Wales too, at least the greater Cardiff city streets to get them right (they are not at the moment). Ireland looks fab example of the fine tuning improvement and accuracy with each subsequent EU release. Would be good if England and South Wales could be updated at some point.

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