Thursday, December 12, 2013

New FTX Compatible FS Global 2010 Mesh!
FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Stefan from PILOT'S in Austria has let us know that a FTX compatible version of their FS Global 2010 scenery mesh is now available for download!

The download weighs in at a very hefty 22.9 GB, which is very understandable considering that it covers the entire globe. Yes, you read that correctly, the ENTIRE globe!

The resolution of their scenery mesh is up to 9 meters, data permitting and where resolution makes sense. In a nutshell this means that the points of the mesh wire frame are 9 meters apart.

Technical info from their product page:

The LOD varies from LOD 8 to LOD 12. LOD 8 for "flat" areas (you won't need LOD 12 there, since flat is flat, whatever LOD you will render it in) and more to LOD 12 for mountainous areas (data availability permitting).

This particular FTX compatible edition is designed to support Orbx's FTX Global Texture, Vector and LC as and when they are made available.  

FS Global 2010 for FTX was designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft FSX, as well as Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D v1.4 and Prepar3D v2.

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David Nunes said...

Will FS Global Ultimate be made "FTX Compatible" too? What will happen to current FS Global Ultimate owners - will they need to purchase FS Global 2010 to become "FTX compatible"?

David Nunes

Jerome Zimmermann said...

Hi David,

As far as I'm aware, FS Global 2010 was not available for digital download, only as a DVD, which was not being sold anymore by PILOT'S.

PILOT'S offer a Prepar3D v2 compatible installer for FS Global 2010 und Ultimate through their website.

That's all the info we have at present, I urge you to contact PILOT'S directly through if you have anymore questions pertaining to their products.

Best regards,


Do Kim said...

Little bit confused..

Is it different with previous FS Global 2010?
or Just made it for download version??

Even if it is FTX compatible,
I'm pretty sure that still has elevation issues.
Pilot would give a copy of AFM like previous promotion?

I'm sorry but many things remain unclear.
I read their forum, but couldn't find any.. :-(

Unknown said...

Hmmm, I've dropped Steve an email - I currently have FS Global 2010 and managed to install it with the migration tool in to P3D V2.0 ok but now I'm wondering if there is a difference between what I have installed and what is released above...will report back once I know. Hopefully won't need a reinstall but I want to know if this version has been made specifically compatible with FTX Global version my DVD version which perhaps isn't...


Unknown said...

I have shot an email to Steve as I have the FS Global DVD set and I'm not sure if there is a difference between the product above and what I have - I have installed it in P3D V2.0 using the migrator tool ok and it seems to work with FTX Global but I did notice a couple of mesh glitches...therefore wonder if it has been updated to something different from what I have.

Would rather now have to do a re-install (or buy again!) so will report back when I hear from Steve.


Todd said...

I'm curious as to what kind of improvement this mesh provides in P3Dv2. The default mesh already seems pretty good "out of the box", even better than v1.4. Maybe my eyes are tricking me because I want the default to look better. I was considering purchasing this product, but after flying from KSEA to Pangborn, WA in the Q400 using FTX Global only, I am rethinking that. The mountains on that flight looked pretty darn good to me. Now, perhaps other areas are not represented as accurately?


Drzewiecki Design said...

Is there a way to make a MESH uncompatible with vector data or autogen/ground textures?

Sid said...

What I find difficult to understand is why there appears to be no free upgrade path from the standard FS Global 2010 to the FTX-compatible FS Global 2010 as the more recent version appears to have corrected airport elevations from what I have read some time ago.

At least, some information on this would be seriously appreciated by those of us who have purchased the original FS Global 2010. But I simply cannot find any information from Pilots on their website about the upgrade path to users for the FTX version. I am disappointed about this and find it poor on Pilot's behalf and this lack of information for customers puts me off their FS Global Real weather product which I wanted to try. I am sorry to say this but I do hope they can rectify this and provide the information that nobody at Orbx or Pilots seems to be able to precisely answer. What EXACTLY are the differences (however large or small) between the 2 editions and WHAT IS THE UPGRADE PATH! I've seen many customers ask but not easily found any answer which should be possible in this day and age! Hope to change my opinion but it does depend on the provision of this simple piece of information and as it stands I'm not impressed with that part of the marketing or previous customer service. My opinion only!


Sid said...

And if my comments on the elevation issue is definitely not tru, this is due to misinformation and lack of information which can be clarified as fact, in writing. Again, if anyone else knows the specifics, it would be appreciated by many current FS Global 2010 users to hear.

George LGAV said...

Exactly! Looks more like a repackaging rather than something new.

Unknown said...

I posty a previous post that was not published...? (So yes it was anonymously because of difficulty to me to log at work in a profil).

Steve wrote me in mail that if we pourchased FS GLobal Vector, we did not required to use AFM in future and may be they will set a new compatible AFM for Prepar3Dv2.

That's what I know for now.


fabio said...

From what I know, the download version is the same as the retail version, FSGlobal 2010 covers all the Globe but Canada, It perfectly fits into Orbx's Global which contains FS Global Vector.
What I can't understand is why they didn't choose to push their "Ultimate" lineage since it's newer and more accurate than Global 2010. It's like that I have paid 150 euros for nothing.

Unknown said...

"FSGlobal 2010 covers all the Globe but Canada"

Don't spread false information. I quote their web site:

"Due to the high demand, we have decided to run a new edition. The coverage for FSX has been increased. All parts of Canada are now included. "

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