Thursday, December 12, 2013

Flight Simulation Weather - A Trip Down Memory Lane!
FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. As we get ready to give you a First Look of Active Sky NEXT for FSX, I thought it might be interesting to share an article about flight simulation weather dating back to June 1997.

I've been around flight simulation since the early 1980s, and it's been fascinating to watch the evolution and revolution brought on by advances in technology.

Some of you may or may not realise just how spoiled we are these days, this hobby has experienced huge advances, both in terms of technology and visual quality. I can vividly remember the day that 3dfx's T-Buffer technology finally spelled the end to "jaggies" through the introduction of their new anti-aliasing capable Voodoo graphics cards. The introduction of affordable anti-aliasing technology is just one of the many advances I've had the good fortune to experience, and one that is taken totally for granted today.

So if you're not afraid of "jaggies" and are interested in what flight simulation weather looked like back in 1997, take a look at Steve Halpern's FSClouds and Texture Pro Review by following the link below:

I think you'll agree that additions such as volumetric clouds and fog offer a visual experience that is lightyears ahead of what was considered quite realistic back then.

I leave you with some foggy shots taken over Sønderborg in Denmark and Finland's Helsinki-Vantaa Airport earlier on today using Prepar3D v2 in conjunction with Monday's Beta release of OpusFSX, which can be found here.

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whisper said...

well i like the program NEXT and the general projects from the team, but i always see something that make the sim lag under neath and make my sim run out of memory after a given time, even whit low settings.. it´s like something hanging as the sim gets thos sutters at given aspects.. realy hope some day there is 1 findig whats causing it, so it can be solved, as flyeing whit out or other weather program in FSX. it seems to eliminate it

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing that Avsim article! Pretty amusing. Makes the default FSX textures look pretty good. Sometimes I forget how far we've come and how much we can take for granted.

Doppler said...

This is such a confusing blog post... "As we get ready to give you a First Look of Active Sky NEXT for FSX"... and then you show screenshots of Opus? And a review of an engine from 1997?

Since ASN is out and you decided to mention it in your opening sentence, I don't see why you couldn't atleast post some shots of it next to Opus (which is only on an update, not a new release.)

Dave said...

Do you just moan for the sake of moaning? Can you not read an article in context? The key words used were "As we get ready ..... "

Jerome Zimmermann said...

The operative phrase here is "as we get ready", meaning we're working on it, it's not ready yet.

The shots I've posted are clearly indicated as being "Prepar3D v2 in conjunction with...OpusFSX". ASN is not out yet for Prepar3D v2, and so I cannot show you volumetric clouds and fog using ASN for FSX.

It may be "only an update" to you, but OpusFSX is currently the only add-on weather engine that fully supports Prepar3D v2, including the volumetric clouds and fog.

Doppler said...

"ASN is not out yet for Prepar3D v2, and so I cannot show you volumetric clouds and fog using ASN for FSX."

Maybe this is the problem then. I thought AirDailyX was a flight sim site, not a P3D v2 specific site. It seems you guys are becoming so focused on P3D you are losing sight of everything else. It's becoming more and more obvious that this isn't a place for FSX users anymore. Integrity goes out the window once you start playing favorites.

Jerome Zimmermann said...

The only thing going out the window here is your ability to comprehend English it would seem.

I clearly stated "As we get ready to give you a First Look of Active Sky NEXT for FSX". Either you're unable or unwilling to comprehend this....and that's the problem, your problem, and without any maybe!

Jan Bezuidenhout said...

Doppler, get a life and stop your nonsense!

Jason Navarro said...

Doppler I've this minute said a quiet prayer for you to have a massive hard disk failure.

Sid said...


Thanks for this interesting article and insight into the evolution of FS Jerome :-)

Jerome Zimmermann said...

Thanks Sid! Glad you enjoyed it ;-)

Unknown said...

LOL...yes the article was VERY interesting - i started in 1993..and the technology has reached so many higher levels since...and i can only say wauw! - keep up the GREAT work ADX! ;-) Sugiii

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