Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Active Sky NEXT Blocking FS Global Real Weather!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. I came across this statement from PILOT'S, the developers of FS Global Real Weather (FSGRW), regarding compatibility with FSGRW and Active Sky NEXT (ASN). According to PILOT'S, ASN is not allowing other weather injection programs to able to communicate with FSUIPC. Here is the statement from PILOT'S:

"Today we found out, that Active Sky Next is blocking FSGRW and possibly other weather add-ons. They install a dll, which is active even when ASN itself is not. This blocks correct access of FSUIPC for us. I have posted on their forum and hope for fast and final solution. We consider it a no-go that one developer blocks another one. What do you, the users, say?"

Very interesting indeed. I wish to assume that HiFi Technologies, the creators of ASN, are not aware of this and will work together for a solution.

This update just in:

HiFi and PILOT'S are communicating with Pete Dowson to resolve this issue.
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Morgan Freeman said...

im working with ASN and FSGRW without problems. Both are working

Freeman Morgan said...

LOL. This has already been tackled at another forum and for a developer to make such a ridiculous comment about a competitors product without reading the documentation that comes with ASN shows theres a bunch of kids running development over at FSGRW.

Live Wire said...

kids ? ... When you can't even get YOUR name right?

mleuck said...

I agree! I find HiFi Sim highly professional and supportive of all that is flight sim.

Wire Live said...

@Live Wire, It's my personal opinion that no developer should outright attack another one without confirming the cause first. I apologize if all you gathered from my last post was my last name placed first, as that seemed to have really disturbed the mental balance within you. Read slowly this time.Failing to read the documentation that comes with ASN and jumping the gun with allegations shows a bit of fear on their end. Well placed fear too because ASN has taken the lead again, not that FSGRW was ever in a leading position anyway.
ASN staff have already mentioned that they are working on a workaround for this which doesn't result in you having to uninstall ASN, should you need to switch to another wxr engine.

Kristian Holzhausen said...

Nobody is attacking anybody. You must have had too many soda-pops and pretzels last night.

Freeging Morman said...

..and a packet of Pringle salt and vinegar :)

DAndre Newman said...

Can we please mature up around here? Please folks.

Dave said...

Well those "kids" as you call them, managed to put out a very good product for their first entry as a weather programme solution.

Gary said...

I think Pilots are having problems. I have the Global Weather but have not been able to download weather from them. Stefan tells me it's not their computer but the internet backbone.
Anyone else having problems downloading weather?

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